Won’t You Not Play the Game with Me? (The Veterinarian)

For those who might be interested, this is a short poetic note about myself and some of the stressful forces which impact upon the practicing of my profession and the owning/operating of my veterinary hospital. I often fancifully refer to the hospital as the Castle. May these words be taken in the spirit of which they are offered; for greater understanding and the hope that we may all come together to work towards what is the most nurturing and best balanced system for all.

It disgusts me how much the corporate world stands in my shadow, deceptively and manipulatively sucking out almost all of the revenue I can generate in my trade by being a fair and ethical small business person. These entities figured out a long time ago how to put “face men” out there to disguise the intricate ponzi scheme of their diffuse market possession and “behind the curtain” price control they impose on all consumers. The current “capitalistic” system is designed for us to be nothing more than masked puppets for these juggernaut parasites. It equally disgusts me how much the government rapes me over and over in exponential fashion. The amount of taxes I pay for my income and property is egregious, insane, and unfair.

It would seem to me that the underlying lesson taught by both the government and the corporate world is that a man of independence and ethical preference is suppose to break himself of these tedious tendencies and desires. . . because, as they say, “you gotta make a living” or “you gotta make your fair share” or “you gotta play the game like everyone else, that’s just the way it is.” And sooner or later, maybe the system will take me out. I have been close a number of times, much closer than you probably believe, but if it happens one day, it just happens, because you see, I can’t play the game. A game that turns me into a relentless lying and tax evading prick or a bastardized up-selling unethical DVM corporate puppet that has to screw my customers over to generate a decent income for my effort and expertise, has at its victory the death of my honor, the loss of all of my integrity, and ultimately, the suicide of my humanity and the values of existence which make it worth experiencing. This I remind myself.

So, I just wrote a check to the United States Treasury for an absurd amount related to estimated taxes while I’m doing my best trying to get caught up on all of my other bills that cannot be paid from that extracted/allocated amount, but my day goes on with the Castle roof above my head and the Castle gardens flourishing all over the grounds. The magic is alive around here. . .you can feel it; it always holds up pretty good against the petrifying spell of money’s love potion and the wicked withering brought about by its whispered and temptable chants.

There is enough magic everywhere for everyone, but it isn’t to be found in a upsold suicidal game of plundering.

Won’t you not play the game with me?

Cribb          2017

Special Is as Special Does (The Veterinarian)

Today during surgery, an employee of mine was telling me about her previous experience working for one of the big corporate veterinary hospital chains. Her story is similar to a million others I have heard and in some cases, witnessed personally myself; business bastardizing the practice of veterinary medicine and mandating that veterinary support staff rigorously sell, intentionally misinform, and compromise their morals towards customers at the risk of being terminated by their employer if they fail to comply. This employee was told to falsely advertise, promote, and encourage “health plans” to customers, that were essentially lost leaders of misperception and increased cost (not savings). Furthermore, the worst part of the deal was in the fine print of the contract that the customer was required to sign. By signing, it locked the customer into being further exploited for an extended period of time without any recourse or escape. The employee was instructed just to sell the plan and not discuss or point out the fine print (all of the contractual obligations) to anyone. She chose instead to highlight the fine print and encourage careful review of the plan’s details by the customers, so that they might make a fully informed decision about their purchasing options. Eventually, she was unfairly terminated for being honest and forthright to the customers and despite having to undergo three trials in an attempt to block her deserved unemployment pay, she was finally found to be innocent of any crime, delinquency, or misdoings.

This is the type of employee that I have always preferred to have on my hospital team. Such an employee strengthens a hospital by acting for the betterment of all. Supporting, encouraging, and nurturing honesty, integrity, and empathy works in every direction. It isn’t too much to ask of anyone and it saddens me that so many see such an approach from an employee as an inconvenience or a negative character trait. No one is perfect and stones can be cast in any direction, but I want those truly trying; those fighting the good fight for everyone; those that believe it doesn’t have to be “us against them”, by my side, on my staff, and you should want them by your side too.

I am proud of the character of my entire staff and proud of the profound uniqueness of VCC in many regards. It is truly a special place that operates far beyond the expected and tolerated norm. I also do dearly appreciate all of our customers who know and get what I mean without any further explanation. It takes “special” to know “special.” These special customers give us the strength, hope, and faith to believe in ourselves, in others, and the amazing accomplishments that we can attain by continuing to work together in such “special” ways.

Dr. Cribb          2016

The Veterinarian 102

I thought it might be interesting to post a video of some silly “in action” stuff at the hospital that doesn’t involve philosophy or politics or trying to change the world for the better. Maybe, a little silly reality is just as important as the rest of it. I promise to continue to work on my ums and editing skills.

The Veterinarian 101

I think it important to note that corporations, not government, are the driving force behind scaring the hell out of people in every way imaginable so that they “run to the doctor” and spend or try to spend excessive amounts of money on their health care. This is done in massive and expertly crafted propaganda, repetitively bombarded over the internet, radio, and TV. The initiation of this tactic is beginning right now in veterinary medicine and it is ONLY of corporate origin (not government) with the direct intention of draining enormous amounts of money out of the pockets of pet owners with the sole purpose of making excessive profit. It is based on poor paranoid excessive medicine and intentional manipulation of medical truths, probabilities, and concerns. These corporations (insurance, drug, financing, doctor management hospitals) are governments. They are like small rogue nation states. They aren’t businesses and they haven’t been in a long time. They don’t actually operate in the private sector. That’s just an illusion and a technicality of language. They act with the same malevolence that many attribute only to “government” entities and maybe worse, because all that they care about and prioritize is maximizing profit. That is in direct conflict with practicing ethical, moral, and empathetic medicine. You may not be suffering too much yourself due to your socioeconomic status, but I assure you that many good people I know and have known, do.

Jeff Cribb DVM          2016

The Veterinarian 100

I see behavioral issues occurring in puppies on a very frequent basis at my hospital. It is a product of misperception, misunderstanding, self-projection, and the general anthropomorphic tendencies of people (pet owners). These issues are best addressed in the early developmental stages of the puppies life to prevent him or her from becoming over-dominant, over-submissive, or simply mal-social. Trying to get people to understand and acknowledge this objective fact, the more than obvious improper behavior in their puppy, is challenging at best. Often, when you explain that the puppy is throwing a temper tantrum and being a brat, the owner chooses instead to see the behavior otherwise…like the little puppy only needs more “love, understanding, and excessive coddling” because it is just nervous and scared (of me, the hospital, or the world in general).

That is until I explain that the puppy’s inappropriate and unstructured behavior parallels the worst behavior ever exhibited by the persons most controlling, over-dominant, moody, and disrespectful boyfriend or girlfriend. Then sometimes, I can connect with the owner and together, we can get started on establishing a system of proper balance and structure for the puppy.

Funny…..the excuses, tolerant rationale, and submissiveness we often inject into our own psyche and behavior towards a puppy and the corresponding doubt, intolerance, and over-dominance we apply in relation to our human significant other.

Jeff Cribb DVM          2016

Perceptions of Ourselves and of Others

There are essentially three different categories of clients that you get as a veterinarian. These same categories also apply to how people relate to their pets, their friends, their children, and their lovers. It is very important to understand how the three categories of people interact with you and just as important for you to understand which category you belong to when interacting with others.

The first category believes that you are a god incapable of ever doing the wrong thing or making a mistake or being inept in any degree whatsoever. If you committed an act of gross malpractice or overt negligence or temporary asinine insanity, even under their direct crystalclear observation, they would still deny that you ever did anything remotely close to the sort. This category of clients rewrites objective reality to make you into a unquestionable and sacrificial beacon of light or the always fair and just performer of medical miracles or a veterinarian of superhuman powers that has no susceptibility to kryptonite or any other power within the universe.

The second category is of those who are persistently skeptical, excessively judgemental, passively-aggressively condescending, and prone to confrontation in damn near every approach, exchange, and/or interaction that they have with you. One might rationally wonder why someone of this ilk and apparent mindset towards you would continue to choose to remain a steadfast participant in such a dynamic. Despite the answer to that telltale answer, it is important that you understand that this category of client does exist and it exists in one form or another as a large, if not the largest category percentage of the whole client base. This type of client will always find something wrong with your approach or your recommendations or your actual actions. Such might not be consistent with Dr. Google’s or their next door neighbor’s opinion on veterinary medicine or they might deem your recommendations simply way too expensive and unnecessary or sometimes they may just outright criticise, demean, and defame your current or past performed medicine and/or surgery. There tends to be little to nothing that you may do in actual skill, expertise, communication or intent to temper, alter or rectify their overcritical and incredulous mindset and interactive behavior. The closest that you may come to mitigating this category of client is through the offering of a undeserved discount/refund or by subjugating yourself into an inappropriate submissive posture while in their presence. Even these mitigations only satiate this category for the briefest period of time and after such an attempt, each future exchange with them with involve a progressive escalation in their bullying behavior.

The first and second categories of clients are essentially the same from a psychoanalytic perspective. Most might argue that the two are diametrically opposed and that the first is empathic, caring, and full of love, while the second is mean, ugly, bullying, and unappreciative. There is a partial truth to this view, but the greater truth, the absolute of the displayed behavior and interaction in both cases, is that those of both category one and category two suffer from significant egocentric delusion. They both live in their own head and they interact with a pseudo-world of pseudo-experience and pseudo-truth. You might call it their own “matrix” of existence. And though the individual techniques of each category vary somewhat, both are founded on them “controlling reality” by “rewriting” your true essence. In actual effect, they are negating you. They don’t see you, they don’t hear you, they don’t even know who and what you truly are…..and all of that means they really don’t want to know or that perhaps, they are too frightened or fearful of reality to want to even take the chance of finding out what your true essence might be. I do not suggest that most of these people are consciously aware of their behavior and their associated “rewritten” projections of justification which validate their psyches approach towards others. I do believe that in the majority of these cases their psyche seeks such ongoing validation (actually manufactured) to comply (maintain the illusion) with an inherent survival mechanism it adopted willingly or unwillingly at a much earlier stage of development. In other words, to survive or adapt to whatever circumstances they perceived in early childhood, the majority of people withdraw their “reality” from actual reality and repackage it as a world full of people who they either must approach through persistent mistrust, doubt, criticism, and condemnation or endless forgiveness, excessive praise, submissive enablement, and unhealthy sacrifice.

Both approaches take many subforms and some of those subforms can be extremely subtle. They are not always obvious and they do not always rise to the surface of behavioral interaction. But regardless of the intensity of the outward expression, either approach establishes an imbalance and pathology in any relationship it engages in. This fact should never be overlooked or undervalued. A relationship that a person has with a false/rewritten you, whether built up or torn down, is still never a true relationship with you. At a minimum, you must identify those people you interact with that behave in either fashion and not allow their delusion to impact negatively upon your perception and understanding of yourself and the rest of reality. Removing the delusions or at least incapacitating their distractive impact, allows one to focus more on accurate self-evaluation and thus objective self-existence. This is of paramount importance in attaining peace and learning to truly love yourself, and both of these acts are essential for you to be able to form healthy synergistic relationships of nurturing union and transcendence with others.

(To be continued…)

Cribb          2015

The Veterinarian – Drive

If you sincerely and genuinely want to help,nurture, and/or stabilize a fellow adult, a child, or an animal (domesticated or wild), it is imperative that you are able to clearly identify the differences between a fear drive vs a bully drive vs a truly dominant drive. This is essential for your individual awareness and approach even more so than it applies to the other entity involved in the exchange.

Confusing these drives is very common and most often disastrous in ramification, producing or reinforcing further instability or destabilization within the psyche of all.

Cribb          2015