Millie and the Most Important Thing of All (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 177)

Millie (age 9) said “So, what is marking? How does someone mark a pet or a person?” and after a sparked involuntary chuckle, Jody’s body gradually recessed into the corner of the sofa and seemed to brace itself for whatever might come. As she did so, her expression whispered to me “well here we go you madman, this ought to be good. . . are you really going to have a college graduate level discussion with my baby girl on behavior and psychology?. . . I can’t even imagine how this is gonna go, but I guess I trust you, you crazed and certifiable lunatic.”

After a long and detailed conversation of what needed to be said and discussed to answer Millie’s question appropriately, she tilted her head to the side with playful comprehension and triumphantly inquired of me, if such a thing can be done, “So, you should never mark anything with fear, right?”

And my smile refused to be caged by any constraints as I replied “That’s right Millie. You got it, you got it! You never mark anyone or anything with fear. It is not easy and it can be very very hard not to accidentally do, but you should never ever mark anyone or anything with fear. That is the most important thing of all.”

Cribb          2017

And Change the World, You Will (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 167)

Be the difference or the change in the world

that you seek


that no one can deny,

and change the world,

you will.

That is the way,

the only way,

to truly have an impact,

to make everything shine on a higher level

with more purity and intensity;

to foster and nurture greater love within all of existence.

Anything less,

the world already has enough of

and we need no more.

There is already plenty of

fear and jealousy,

hypocrisy and selfishness,

destabilization and overdominance.

We need no more of that;

no more of that.



The Role of Teachers: Healers of Children or Enablers of the State? (WPMY 127)

Pretext note: I wrote this as a response to a statement about school and education being only a tool to instill complanciency and blind submission into children so that they would become agreeable dependent drones who could be easily funneled into corporate jobs and the role of an unquestioning tax paying devotee of government authoritarianism. I focused on teachers/educators in my response because I believe that a central unspoken innuendo in this theory is that all teachers and educators are dullards and unaware instruments or tools who simply toe the tyrannical government line.

I do not believe this is the case and I think the matter much more complex than most would suggest or pretend. I delve into the primary complexities below.

 I think most teachers do promote blind acceptance of “popular” socially accepted constructs/taboos and that government is supposed to be regarded as the ultimate trustworthy savior, ward, and defender of freedom and justice for all. Not this fact, but the actual reason this is so is crucial in understanding and correcting the problem. Some teachers may just be apathetic dolts, but I think that majority is fairly small. Most teachers have millstones tied around their necks with the weight of 1) an overburden of responsibility due to student numbers and excessive course material to cover (mandated from their superiors), 2) a very poor wage considering what they are actually expected to do, 3) a herd of destabilized parents, looking for a scapegoat, who most often have created and perpetuated the destabilization of their own children themselves, 4) the limitations of overbearing political correctness and standardization imposed vigorously by their superiors and the parent herd petitioners/jury, 5) the same indoctrination of apathy and encouragement to pursue the path of least resistance and minimal work that almost everyone in this country seems to be baptized in at a very young age as the norm. So, I think the ineptitude/apathy of most teachers and their tendency to promote blind compliance is in large degree from them being beat down into the ground and bridled by destabilized parents, a piss poor paycheck, and the lazy mentality of the majority of the rest of society that can’t even imagine applying themselves anywhere close to the degree that a teacher must on a daily basis. In essence, I think most of the teachers give up trying to help students and change the world through independent reasoning and questioning behavior because they get tired of fighting the rest of the world for the opportunity to do so. The teachers ultimately have to comply with the insanity and madness of everyone around them just to collect their paycheck and keep from going bonkers, so naturally it would follow that their beat down compliance gets passed onto the students. “Why not let a corporation or the government handle it anyway? It can’t be any worse than a bunch of crazy parent’s or the rest of society that has already gone to lazy greed and perpetually passing the buck onto someone else?” When no other alternative is given a real opportunity to exist and flourish, the corporate collective option or the government option will always appear rosier than it truly happens to be. And yes, I do believe that the majority of the corporate collectives and the government is more than willing to add to their numbers of indentured minions.

Some teachers are also outliers who have too much empathy and drive to ever give up or be run to ruin by the system. Those teachers are Angels and Saints, and though some of them may be more centralists than individualists, I don’t believe their centralism has an accurate correlation or is based on the principles of creating submissive-apathetic-indentured-herd-minions as is the (default) case above. This high drive “centralist” of a teacher/educator believes that “fire must be fought with fire” (the corrupt/delinquent/obstructive forces above must be over-dominated <they would say balanced> by the more reasonable tyranny of governmental authority). But their thoughts and motives are not submission, despair, and relinquishing control to the despotic juggernauts (corrupt government and corrupt collective corporatism). They truly want to kick those arch-villains in their balls and in their teeth, so that they might wrangle control away from them and fix the system to be fair and just for all.

The teachers of the first paragraph most likely fall into the Beta or Apath categories psychologically. The teachers of the second paragraph most likely fall into the Alpha and Empath category. The drives and responses of both of these types of teachers is largely based on their inherent genetic and psychological makeup.

My preference is the Alpha-Empath-Decentralist teacher/educator. These are the Jedi and they stand up against daunting odds. They are of legend like the Alpha-Empath-Decentralist small business owner also happens to be. These silly fools understand that “fire must be fought with water” and that “war must be fought with non-violence.” These entities will be specifically targeted by the psychopaths (~ 4-10% of our society) because they are the graces of natural societal correction and if left to their own devices, they would autocorrect all of the madness about them and establish more freedom and independence universally. The psychopaths who perceive everything only as a game of over-dominating as many other people as possible want these Alpha-Empaths-Decentralists defamed and incapacitated in every manner, so that they may rule and play and manipulate the rest of the world through collective corporatism and centralized governmental despotism.

Cribb          2016

Unshut Up, Uncalm, and Unplop (WPMY 122)

Sitting in a CE (Continuing Education) with a roomful of others veterinarians, it is more than apparent to me and probably everyone else in the room, that I “suffer” from ADD or ADHD. I’m not trying to be disruptive or rude or distracting to anyone else, but the lecture is moving so slow, with much irrelevant minutia commentary and focus on obvious givens/knowns, that it is extremely hard for me to listen with continuous interest and intrigue. I wonder if the practicalities and true “message” of the lecture to the attendees, even crosses the minds of the lecturer and the majority of the other veterinarians. Don’t mistake my opinion, the lecturer is very knowledgable and at times, the information she is presenting is very relevant and intriguing, but this intrigue is buried in such boring, sauntering, and basic knowledge, it isn’t even funny. It feels like I’m sitting in a remedial class on veterinary cardiology where all the attendees arrived on a short bus. The crowd in general seems fairly happy and content, and I am happy for them, but they also make me feel like I’m sitting in my highschool class again, having thoughts, questions, comments, and observations in my mind that most of them can’t even begin to fathom. We all sit in a veterinary governing mandated CE that in this case is sponsored by a corporate owned national veterinary hospital chain, a corporate owned national laboratory company (same as the chain…oh yeah!), and a big pharmacy corporate company, but the innocent, kind, and knowledgeable face presenting the “respectable info” on stage is a veterinary specialist from North Carolina State University, an institution of higher learning. Nope, no,no way, nada, no entangling alliances in this lecture hall. Nothing to ever worry about here how veterinary medicine continues to be bastardized and centralized with such pretty velvet gloves. But, I’m probably just the ADD, ADHD kid, who is having a hard time listening and behaving like all the other good cattle. I should “relax and take something overridingly positive from the experience.” The funny thing that most don’t suspect is that I will. I will take significant positives from the experience. This commentary does not contradict such a thing, except again in the minds of most of the cattle. I process the positives and the negatives, the yin and yangs, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I see them all dance together in my mind, changing partners, speeding up and slowing down in their contributions, and all adding to the total transformation of the dance floor. It all just makes it hard for me to sit still, and not stretch or sway, back and forth, and have my mind reach for more interesting and relevant info. I wonder how many drugs they would use to shut me up and calm me down and plop me in the corner these days if I was still a young boy in school. You can’t disturb the herd. You can’t disturb the ranchers who protect, and fatten, and slaughter the herd. You can’t even be yourself in silent swaying opposition. I believe that the ADD and ADHD (whatever you want to label them) children are graces sent from God to deliver the world from its current state of madness; to restore natural order. Unfortunately, the herd and the ranchers just can’t take a chance that might allow that to happen. Well, who knows how the battle for and against natural order will end. I certainly have my theories. In the meantime, I will continue to watch and observe and stretch and sway and let my mind continue to expand and reach for the relevant and the intriguing. Maybe, just maybe, along the way, I can unshut up and uncalm and unplop, a few like minded souls; souls, who might be just as foolish as my swaying self and also ADD/ADHD enough to try and help save the world. I hope so.

Cribb          2016