Verbalized, It Becomes an Ethical Problem (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 236)

“Words, words, words.” And what’s in a word? Answer: corpses, millions of corpses. And the moral of that is, Keep Your Trap Shut; or if you must open it, never take what comes out of it too seriously. Katy kept our traps firmly shut. She had the instinctive wisdom that taboos the four-letter words (and a fortiori the scientific polysyllables), while tacitly taking for granted the daily and nightly four-letter acts to which they refer. In silence, an act is an act is an act. Verbalized and discussed, it becomes an ethical problem, a casus belli, the source of a neurosis.

The Genius & The Goddess

Aldous Huxley          1955

Cribb Comment: Keeping within the context of the entire novel, it appears that Huxley is illustrating the difficulty of resolving and unifying the antagonistic paradox he feels exists between spiritual grace (verbally expressed awareness and contemplation) and animal grace (instinctual physical behavior) in a union between two souls that each originate out of opposite ends of this spectrum. Elsewhere in the novel, he appears to suggest that “human grace” is also a part of this dynamic and that the complete spectrum must be incorporated together in unison if an individual is to attain the highest level of awareness and transcendence possible in our existence.

Cribb          2018

Patterns of Grace (L vs S 229)

Fortuities are a grace,

a pattern of grace,

in which

the undeniable truth of universal beauty

presents itself relentlessly

to those of continued yearning,

who despite whatever





suffering madness,

still retain a tenacious core

of the overriding desire

to love and be loved

in their inherent

supreme vulnerability


the most devout resolve




Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 36

We don’t fall from grace.

We run like hell and triumphantly jump off of the cliff with all of our might.

After flying for whatever period of time, we crash hard into the ground…..hopefully surviving the impact.

We get up and pretend like the whole damn thing was an incidental accident.

How could God, the perpetually hoodwinked fool, ever see through such a willfully orchestrated charade?

How could he or anyone else for that matter, ever pass judgement on such a “fall”?

Cribb          2014