The Crucial Secret of Love for Thyself (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 147)

I was reminded today of a crucial secret which is imperative for understanding insecurity (often including the forces of depression, anxiety, and other OCD behavior), whether a person happens to be dealing with it in themselves or in it’s possession of another; the root of insecurity is the inability to genuinely appreciate your self worth aka the inability to genuinely love yourself for who you are. A person that never faces this demon of their own pathological self perception will never escape the torture and suffering of isolating insecurity. There is no other cure, no other way. Sadly, they will also never be able to experience love themselves because if a person is incapable of truly loving themselves, they cannot and will not ever believe that another is capable of this thing that they believe is so utterly impossible. The “form” of love they will practice will instead revolve more around control and dominance; fear, instead of pure respect and stable appreciation for the graces within their life and the people who choose to be a part of it.

May you truly perceive and comprehend your unique inherent beauty; may you genuinely love thyself the way you were always meant to.

Cribb          2016

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