Fear, Without and Within (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 144)

We should all be careful not to propagandize and scapegoat our own fear, nor belittle or invalidate the fear of others. These are all too common mistakes and they usually occur in tandem. Fear shifts your psyche into hyper-focus and/or hyper-withdrawal/denial, both of which discount a greater unifying reality. Fear is infectiously destabilizing and we must remove it to see and understand everything in its proper objectivity and consequence. Displaying emotional volatility, “interpreting” another’s thoughts or intentions only via your own psyche, and implementing co- or counter destabilization antics are the primary indicative behaviors of a person whose perceptions are possessed by fear. If you ever want to have a meaningful and genuine exchange with such a victim of fear, you must first stabilize them and thus their perceptions. All will be meaningless until stabilization is achieved; reality will have no meaning, impact, or relevance. Reinforcing fear or instability in another, though often tempting and instinctive, is tragic and it makes any future attempt at a meaningful interaction with them that much more difficult. Reinforcing fear or instability in another also inevitably corrupts your own psyche, condemning you to possession by the same soul-sucking demons. Fear cannot be fought with fear, within or without. It can only be diminished or extinguished with respect and stability. Given such, perceptions of objective reality may then work their wonders through the simplicity of genuine existence.

Cribb          2016

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