Some Choose Instead to Vote the Other 364 Days (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 142)

Voting reminds me a lot of a person’s birthday or Valentines Day or even Christmas itself. It is a day in which we can loudly herald our passion and conviction; our ever vigilant effort and action, towards emphatically displaying our love for another or our commitment to making the world a better place for all…….or is it?

Three hundred and sixty-five or one? The awareness, the contemplation, and sincere effort, of three hundred and sixty-five or the same for just one? It’s a great marketing day and the approval stamp of the applauding and all too well compliant herd is all over it. It is a one that can supposedly wash away all the sins, apathy, and hypocrisy of the other three hundred and sixty-four. See how I love my wife…..I bought her some wilting picked over-roses, some discounted hum-drum chocolates, and a fabulous Hallmark card imprinted with a unique and exquisite message from the core of my being? How many people gloriously celebrate the Christ child’s birth by drinking themselves into oblivion on his namesake day as he requested in his eleventh commandment? I voted. I voted. I voted. Look at my sticker!…..I voted! and if you did not, you don’t have the right to say anything…anything, about our leadership or this country. People died for your right to vote, don’t you get that, how could you give up or discount such a privilege?

I don’t believe those people died or gave their lives, energy, and effort, to establish and support a deceptive and beguiling system where voting is in part, or perhaps in complete entirety, only a satiating illusion. That would be silly and suggest less of them, demeaning their character, awareness, and contribution. The Electoral College is deliberately complicated and deceptive to the general public. The frequent references to our form of government by our bipartisan leadership as a democracy is intentionally deceptive and misleading. Representation is not proportional, nor truly representative of the people. The blackout, smearing, misdirection, and propaganda of the mass media significantly sabotages Third-Party considerations and candidates. Political discourse is progressively dumbed down by our governing elite and their puppets to default the public into a perpetual state of destabilized fear, ignorance, and willful submission. And conversely, laws, public policy, and other matters of debate are also willfully over-complicated and bogged down with misleading minutia to hoodwink public perception and understanding. When such doublespeak, marketing, propaganda, inundation, limitation, complication, and multitiered over-organization is thrust upon the people and the process, I find it impossible to believe that a ballot can truly even be what it is suppose to be or that the powers of authority have any sincere concern or obligation towards protecting, defending, and preserving the viable merit, input, and ultimate consequence of the common man’s opinion and the legitimacy of his vote.

But I wonder how many of the sticker voters also voted the day before, and the other three hundred and sixty three days before that. How many voted profoundly for their family on all of those days; for the love, stability, peace, and nurturing of their spouse, and their children, and even themselves? How many voted for their clients and customers by being forthright and sincere, and offering the best product and service possible to them in a fair exchange of currency? How many voted for their employees by truly rewarding them fairly and appropriately with compensation and praise and encouragement? By being a positive and honorable role model who keeps his word to everyone even when he can get away without doing so? How many voted for the true universal freedom of all…..all people, all races, all religions, and all nations, versus their own egocentric version of freedom and acceptability?  How many voted to remove the plausible excuses and jealousy from their applied perceptions and assumptions relating to every one of their relationships? How many voted to forgive as opposed to crucify? For empathy versus condescension and scapegoating? How many voted for respect and stability and union with their fellow man and all life on this planet versus yielding to the temptable demons of overriding internal and interactive fear, destabilization, and isolation? How many voted against their own doublespeak and doublethink? How many live their vote in their life every single moment of every single day in hopes that that vote, that choice, that statement of  opinion and record, will make a difference in this world and how we all interact with one another?

If you believe voting at the ballot box really does makes a difference, I support you in that action. I’m not sure that I can agree with such an assumption and I worry that a vote of that nature is more about distraction and misdirection; having an excuse to feel as though you have done enough in regards to American society, as well as our foreign policy; that the rest of all of it is out of your control and that you can only do so much to contribute to the changes that the world needs to experience, at least for the next four years. You get the right to brag or complain or feel content for a short while, but most often that leads to a person to less awareness, less contemplation, and less actual implementation of the real difference that they can make in the world.

A ballot may or may not produce significant change, but such a national or centralizing vote is far-removed from direct interaction and the comprehensive ability to truly assess its genuine effectiveness. There is too much misdirection and separation and plausible excuse in such a system to allow for the definitive assessment of the reality, impact, and consequences yielded on a personal level. As a result, the “truth” of that experience gets to be rewritten by our psyche outside of our sensational existence. Levels of separation via a pyramid of centralization create that dangerous and tragic dynamic of a perceived or subjective reality outside of immediate and direct experience.

If you make a genuinely uplifting and stabilizing difference in the lives of the people within your direct contact, you will change the world for the better, and the world will in turn, bless you with the same nurturing and stabilizing energy. That becomes a union of change, direct impact, and direct experience. It is undeniable, unmistakable, and irrefutable. Nothing can stand against such, not even a real or an imaginary ballot box.


Election Day 2016

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