A Glorious Life of Trinkets (WPMY 140)

Like so many Americans, she was trying to construct a life that made sense from the things she found in gift shops.

Kurt Vonnegut 1969 and true to this day…

We lost a big part of America when they successfully convinced the lower and middle classes to love trinkets over a simple existence. We lost more of America when we were taught Willy Loman’s golden carrot dream was more noble and righteous than being a blue collar worker of integrity and pride and stability in loving and providing for our families basic needs. The blame is almost never completely unilateral, but those who entice have motive beyond mutual respect and that motive almost always involves the destabilization and plundering of others.

Cribb          2016

Offensive War…Only Against the Bad Guys (WPMY 139)

A government in perpetual offensive and imperialistic war with other nations will always be just as destabilizing, oppressive, and predatory to their own citizenry. It may be masked more in a psychological shroud of brainwashing and patriotic indoctrination, and present itself in a very different light and context to the people, but it will be present. It is similar to a boss who lies, cheats, and steals from his clients, yet pretends he would never do the same to his own employees.

Jeff Cribb          2016


The God of Fear (WPMY 138)

Accepting and embracing

total awareness


where you find true peace.

Until such is done,

the fear

which filters and promotes

your censored awareness,




That God


the God of

anxiety, depression, and the make-believe of a false reality.

It all

boils down to fear


it must be vanquished


save your soul.



The Truth in Self-Annihilation (WPMY 137)

In course of time I was more and more conscious, too, that this affliction was not due to any defects of nature, but rather to a profusion of gifts and powers which had not attained to harmony. I saw Haller was a genius of suffering and that in the meaning of many sayings of Nietzsche he had created within himself with positive genius a boundless and frightful capacity for pain. I saw at the same time that the root of his pessimism was not world contempt but self-contempt; for however mercilessly he might annihilate institutions and persons in his talk he never spared himself. It was always at himself first and foremost that he aimed the shaft, himself first and foremost whom he hated and despised.

And here I cannot refrain from a psychological observation. Although I know very little of the Steppenwolf’s life, I have all the same good reason to suppose that he was brought up by devoted but severe and very pious parents and teachers in accordance with that doctrine that makes the breaking of the will the corner-stone of education and upbringing. But in this case the attempt to destroy the personality and to break the will did not succeed. He was much too strong and hardy, too proud and spirited. Instead of destroying his personality they succeeded only in teaching him to hate himself. It was against himself that, innocent and noble as he was, he directed during his whole life the whole wealth of his fancy, the whole of his thought; and in so far as he let loose upon himself every barbed criticism, every anger and hate he could command, he was, in spite of all, a real Christian and a real martyr. As for others and the world around him he never ceased in his heroic and earnest endeavor to love them, to be just to them, to do them no harm, for the love of his neighbor was as deeply in him as the hatred of himself, and so his whole life was an example that love of one’s neighbor is not possible without love of oneself, and that self-hate is really the same thing as sheer egoism, and in the long run breeds the same cruel isolation and despair.


Hermann Hesse          1927

Subtle Realities of the Present (WPMY 135)

Political, but in a general sense and I believe the message(s) to be very relevant to everything and everyone. Let’s not trample on one another or anyone else, for that matter.


6.5 trillion lost and irrelevant, because it’s all about freedom.

38 billion a great gift of peace and prosperity to the worst of entangling alliances.

Al Nusra, our comrade, confident, and ally, once again.
They Tow the line and the targets like no other.

A woman’s right to choose proclaimed,
as every cold button civil liberty is macerated in lipstick glee.

Yes We Can. Yes, Yes, We Can.

Exceptionalistic protection like no other, from a misogynistic, mega-corporate, witch-hunter, ever-revolving racist.

Make America Angry, Dumb and Dumber Again.

Hell hath no fury like that of a woman’s scorn or a comb over.

That’s for sure.

Only 250,000 trapped in Aleppo, as if you care.

Proxy-War with Yemen, but I guess someone must kill the children as they donate quite graciously to the Clinton Foundation.

The Supreme Arms Dealer in Chief blew G.W. away by a good 30 billion in sales in…

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Interactions of Non-Interaction (WPMY 136)


most often

boils down




purposeful non-interaction,

no matter the form,

that must however provide the participants

with enough sustenance


allow them the plausible belief


the supreme delusion

on a conscious level

that their interactions


real and unifying,

and not simply

an elaborate fabricated construct


their own

isolated fear and existence.