“Only Wanting to Date Younger Women” (L vs S 220)

Trying to appear casual and nonchalant, but failing miserably in such effort through her assertive posture and accusatory expression, she said “I thought you told me you only liked younger women, that you preferred them, and that you only wanted to date them.”

And I replied “That simply isn’t true. It isn’t even close to the truth. You are significantly distorting what I said. I told you that I had dated two women that were about half my age, and as fate would have it, I love(d) them both. But it wasn’t about their age or them being a hot piece of ass. They were both young, beautiful, and sexy, but what stood out to me the most about them, what captivated me beyond reprieve, was their brilliant minds and their exceptional awareness, their souls and their passion, for them trying to live in a world of infectious numbness and delusion. They were both more mature than many women twice their age. I already told you all of this in full honest disclosure, but I never said anything remotely close to ‘I only want to date young women.'”

Then, I turned and looked her directly in the eyes, and tried to work through the insult of her repetitive rewriting of my more than vulnerable and honest disclosures, disclosures which I had willingly shared with her. I slowed my breathing and tried to remember that her pain, anxiety, and fear were the real demons, and not her delicate and damaged soul. “What you should be asking yourself, is ‘Why is it that I am drawn to women like them and yourself?’. ‘What is it that I see and feel towards them and you?’. I have dated a grandmother and a person over fifty years old. You have never dated anyone else even as old as I am, and we both know about your last younger boyfriend. You know that I married an older woman and was faithful to her for eleven or twelve years. Yes, she was only slightly older, but still, she was older. I have also dated plenty of other women who were my age or a few years older. You can’t make such a factual counterclaim in your dating or your relationships. You can’t even come close. So, why would you twist my words like that? I don’t understand. I don’t look at age or physical appearance or anything so simple as the defining characteristic of my interest, attention, or attraction. It doesn’t work that way for me. So, seriously, please tell me who it is that really prefers to only date younger people? And then, can you tell me why?”.

Cribb          2016

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