Tantric Sex #32 (L vs S 216)

In a Tantric relationship it is important to acknowledge your entitlement to pleasure. Pleasure is your birthright, and its greatest enemy is all-too-common feelings of shame and guilt around the body. Developing sensual enjoyment is central to the Tantric approach to life. Rather than try to subjugate desire through repression, Tantra teaches us to cultivate the art of living in this world as if it were sacred. Everyday awareness cannot evolve unless we experience everyday life in its full power.

The Tantric view is that it is not the world that is limited, it is our way of looking at it. Enlightened beings experience the world as a place of bliss, while unenlightened mortals experience the world as suffering. This is why Tantra places such a premium on identifying and incorporating deity into our self, believing that what we focus our attention on determines what we experience.

Therefore Tantra is not concerned with identifying with emotions, which oscillate between positive and negative. Far too many of us get stuck in negative patterns. Feelings, (which are linked to sensations) rather than emotions (which are linked to thoughts), are the main means of developing Tantric awareness.

Feelings are about being connected with the world, or with another. They are about being truly present, in each moment, to whatever experience has to offer. Feeling (or sensation) is cultivated rather than thinking, because thoughts tend to dilute or destroy the directness and intensity of experience. Tantrics focus and develop feeling through paying attention to the sensations discovered by their five senses.

Tantric Sex

Cassandra Lorius          1999


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