A Little Girl Becomes a Woman (LvsS 215)

A little girl has been raised

without her parents instilling in her

a proper sense and understanding

of the appropriate boundaries of respect and responsibility.

This all too common failure of parenthood,

occurred over a prolonged period of time,

during the crucial developmental stages of the girl,

in a variety of direct and indirect destabilizing parental behaviors.

One day,

the little girl’s unbridled selfishness that has been fully enabled and potentiated

by her parents incompetence,

manifests itself in full blazing glory,

when she overtly disrespects her mother

in a combination of ignoring her and eventually, yelling at her.

The mother responds by telling her daughter to go immediately to her room for timeout,

so that she can rethink and reset her bad behavior.

Before the little girl takes the first step towards her room,

she screams at her mom,

“You’re the worst and meanest mommy ever, I hate you!”

The little girl grows into an adult woman

without any additional stabilizing psychological growth or true understanding

of her selfish and insecure

adaptations and misperceptions.

One day,

her boyfriend who loves her devoutly and genuinely,

and has proven such beyond reasonable measure,

calls her out appropriately on some of the disrespectful and inappropriate behavior

she is directing at him.

And no matter how clear his words are,

no matter how sincere his proclamations of love and empathy,

no matter how much time and effort he takes to explain his concerns,


and thoughts to her,

all she can do is say

“You’re the most unrelaxed, demanding, critical, abusive boyfriend ever.”

Cribb          2016

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