Tantric Sex #31 (LvsS 214)

What we call love in our society is often more about neediness—we say ‘I love you’, meaning ‘I need you’. We are brought up to believe that the source of love is outside ourselves. There’s also a false understanding of how energy works. Our society sees love according to material rules rather than energetic rules. For instance, we have the feeling there is only a certain amount of love to go around. ‘If someone else is getting it that means there is less for us.’ ‘If I give it away, I have less.’ And so we learn to hoard love, but because love is an energy it doesn’t work like that at all. We don’t gain extra energy by holding onto it. The more we have, the more we keep it flowing. So it’s not something that gets used up.

A Tantric paradigm of relationship is that we come together as king and queen, out of an overflowing and fullness. ‘I’m complete in myself, but because of the joy of experiencing myself in the flowing it’s great to come and share the experience with you.’

Tantric Sex

Cassandra Lorius          1999


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