Straying Above Capability (WPMY 119)

You can be a monosyllabic dolt or person of malintent and supremely selfish motivation, but if you keep your mouth shut, most people will perceive you as a “sweet simpleton or a trustworthy/dependable friend or a person that is at least capable of growth overtime which will flourish into long term basic reliability.”

On the other hand, if you are highly intelligent, highly aware, well spoken, and proven in chosen action and deed, and you try to tell or explain something to someone, even with the best of intent and for their own specific personal gain/growth, and you happen to stray above the capability of their understanding or perception, you will most often be labelled a “threat or manipulator or liar or unreliable in any long term sense.”

These interpretations of the majority are truly more related to a person’s own stability and inherent security (fear of what they cannot dominate or comfort/trust against what they can dominate), than any form of objective facts relating to the assessment of others.

Cribb          2016

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