As one Eviscerated, Others Lifted 1 (L vs S 213)

I said “Your honesty and openness always touch me. I get it. I hate being alone at night by myself too. Today has been a rough one on my emotions and my heart. I wonder if anyone appreciates true love and intimate affection the way I do…not egotistical, I just feel lonely and unappreciated. I don’t know how to give more of myself than I have recently. It doesn’t seem possible and that doesn’t seem enough. I don’t understand why it must be so hard…seems unfair. Maybe, I just want something that isn’t real. Maybe, I expect too much. Peace and love to you.”

She said “No, I don’t think you ask too much. I think you are just looking for someone to match you, and that’s natural. I just think it will take some time since you are unique and more human or, I guess, less human than anyone else I know. I feel the same sometimes. I have loved people too in a certain way, but I know I need more. I need deep, I need silly, I need humor, I need more. I understand.”

“Life may not sometimes, but I do.”

Cribb and Company          2016


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