Love vs Sex 29

An original writing and one which I believe describes a profound dynamic that is responsible for a large degree of the confusion, misunderstood anxiety, and destabilization present in the majority of relationships of societies based on monogamous principles and structure.


My Theory of the Rule of Two in the Female Psyche

After witnessing the behavior of women rather obsessively over the last 43 years of my life in the most analytical and objective fashion that I am capable of, I have become convinced of a theory about their instinctual desires and needs. The manifestation of this theory seems to be primarily mental, but I believe it arises from hormonal seeds and then fulminates in physical behavior.

In short, the average heterosexual woman needs at least two men in her life to satisfy some form of balance in her psyche. Why do I say this?

Well, it begins with the insecurity that is a commonly associated with and well documented within a large portion of the female gender. This insecurity prompts a woman to invest in a Beta-male so that certain criteria of a “relationship” can assuredly be secured to satisfy…

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