Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 120

If you obsess (hyper-focus) on depression, anxiety, insecurity, and being a hypochondriac, it means you also have the capability to obsess (hyper-focus) on happiness, peace, confidence in yourself, and the vitality of your body and soul.

The only difference is your simple choice and two factors primarily seem to govern why people choose one obsession over the other; they inherently perceive one such state as their given norm and they have no desire whatsoever to apply any effort towards enlightenment/change or they subconsciously feel they get more attention from others in their given choice of displayed obsessive behavior.

Obsession in any direction is an addiction, and an addiction is only a means of withdrawal from reality. True spiritual growth sheds all obsessive behavior and tendencies, but for those unable to make that significant leap out the matrix, whilst they serve time in their purgatory, it is interesting to note that they choose the alternative of misery or happiness to obsess upon simply based on minimizing their effort and accumulating as much attention as they may for themselves.

The shift from negative obsession to positive obsession is often sold or advertised as true spiritual growth within an individual. It is not. True spiritual growth involves transitioning out of any delusion whatsoever into the realm of objective reality. The yin and yang between negative and positive delusion is only a process of suffering that involves standard cyclical behavior, spiritual stagnation, and the distraction of persistent emotional volatility.

Cribb          2016


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