Love vs Sex 193

“So much imposition has been shaken off. . .I feel like dancing.”

This exuberant exclamation, so unlike Leon*, marked the beginning of a bitter struggle which was to rage within him for many months. The struggle centered around the question of how he was to relate himself to Miss Anderson, whom, we have seen, Leon has endowed with god-like properties. To allow himself to trust her or not? to need her or not? to love her or not? Before long he began to link these issues with a broader one: to return to reality or not to return?

*Leon is an institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic, who at some point formed a focused sexual interest and significant emotional bond with Miss Anderson, a research assistant. This relationship lead to significant changes in his behavior, at times of great improvement, but these advances were also to be perpetually tied/balanced with other undulating fits of greater withdrawal, control mongering, and evolving delusions.

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

Milton Rokeach          1964


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