Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 117

Pretext Note: The passage below regards Leon Gabor, an institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic who believed himself to be God/Christ, who at a process in his psychotherapy, abruptly decided to change his name to R.I. Dung aka Dr. Righteous Idealed Dung. This was an obvious withdrawal technique and it appeared related to the pressure of a continuous conflicting identity crisis with Joseph and Clyde (mentioned below) who also claimed to be God/Christ. The rotating chairmanship was a technique developed and instituted by the supervising therapist to allow a rotation in control of group meetings by each of the Three Christs.

This leads to another, somewhat paradoxical, aspect of Leon’s motivations which we have not yet considered. The months immediately preceding his change to Dung—beginning with the institution of the rotating chairmanship—were relatively peaceful. The issue of identity did not arise; both we and the men refrained from bringing it up. During this period there were many instances of co-operation and many expressions of friendly feelings among the three delusional Christs. Leon was less withdrawn, more friendly, and he was, much of the time, in contact with reality. He was in other words, getting better. It is our guess that Leon did not want to get better. He did not want to get any closer to us, or to Joseph or Clyde. He was only too aware of the implications of getting better, and he was frightened of them. He had become sick originally for good reasons, and the reasons had not changed. Thus, although he needed companionship, he wanted it only up to a point, and this point had already been reached and passed. He was beginning to care too much for Joseph and Clyde (and perhaps for us too), and he needed to return to his earlier state of isolation from his fellow man.    

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

Milton Rokeach          1964    

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