Love vs Sex 187 (#23 on Tantric Sex)

When any feelings of sadness or frustration, even joy and love remain unexpressed, they accumulate slowly and become a storehouse of emotions affecting the harmony of mind and body. Jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, and rage, start building up early in our lives (often related to sexual interference), and no matter how hard we repress them, it is not easy to ignore these past emotions in the body. Our social lack of honest expression has compelled us to develop tough, brittle, and defensive qualities. We store the pain and disappointments that would have us weep and wail, and so they bury themselves in the unconscious as emotions, distorting our bodies and damaging the psyche.

When we show our innermost feelings as we experience them happening  within us, they are transformed into living energy and we are freed from the undermining effects. Even unexpressed love or joy soon turns to depression or sadness.

The point is that our conscious feelings contain our heaven, while our unconscious emotions contain our hell, and we create our hell through not expressing our heaven. Emotion is a defense to pain while feeling embraces it and uses it as a way to heal. At times heaven may look like hell in the form of a tragedy, a loss or a disaster, but if we allow the real feelings to rise, the anguish, agony and pain, we feel much better, even uplifted. Otherwise, if unexpressed our feelings pull down the spirit and eat up the heart. These remain as emotions lying dormant in the unconscious until an incident triggers the memory. The best we can do is learn to share our feelings and so avoid our emotions.

The Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson          2003

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