Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 116

Over-dominating can not be countered or corrected by over-nurturing, nor can over-nurturing be countered or corrected by over-dominating. Such an approach leads to schizophrenic instability. Each destabilizing approach to control must be countered with balance and appropriate respect. Balance is stability and stability counters the instability induced by not one or the other, but by both over-dominance and over-nurturing. This balance, this effort of established stability, is the gift and grace of independence and of devout love.

Cribb          2016

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 115

“I believe in truthful bullshit,” Leon said. “There are two types of bullshit. The genuine is truth and truth can be compared to dung: it looks like dung, smells like it, and acts like it. When you put it on the top of soil, it makes it grow.”

Leon Gabor (institutionalized paranoid schizophrenic)

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

Rokeach          1964

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 114

“But then people don’t read literature in order to understand; they read it because they want to re-live the feelings and sensations which they found exciting in the past. Art can be a lot of things; but in actual practice, most of it is merely the mental equivalent of alcohol and cantharides.”

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

Aldous Huxley          1939

Cribb Comment: The point is unfortunately undeniable. I wish it were not. The number of people out there who read seems to diminish more and more every passing day, which is depressing enough, but then another half or more of those that do read, don’t actually “listen” or “absorb” or escape their own addictive shackles long enough to experience literature (and of course, life itself) in its intended extrinsic existence, perspective, and relevance. Without moving beyond the constructs of addiction and distraction, whether overtly apparent or passively employed, of their own minds, people will never be able to digest literature or personal experience or life itself, in the way they are meant to be perceived. To believe that you are reading while not or listening while not, is the greatest mindtrap pitfall that must be surmounted to escape the pathologic and often ignored isolation that the mind most often clings to.

Cribb         2016


The Veterinarian 102

I thought it might be interesting to post a video of some silly “in action” stuff at the hospital that doesn’t involve philosophy or politics or trying to change the world for the better. Maybe, a little silly reality is just as important as the rest of it. I promise to continue to work on my ums and editing skills.

Love vs Sex 191

Virginia turned round sharply, with the intention of telling him not to be so fresh; then, as her glance traveled from the barrel of hairy flesh which was Mr. Stoyte to the other’s handsome face, so insultingly sarcastic and at the same time so flatteringly concupiscent, she changed her mind and, instead of telling him, loudly, just where the he got off, she made a grimace and stuck out her tongue at him. What was begun as a rebuke had ended, before she knew it, as the acquiescence in an impertinence, as an act of complicity with the offender and of disloyalty to Uncle Jo. Poor Uncle Jo! she thought, with a rush of affectionate pity for the old gentleman. For a moment she felt quite ashamed of herself. The trouble, of course, was that Dr. Obispo was so handsome; that he made her laugh; that she liked his admiration; that it was fun to lead him on and see how he’d act. She even enjoyed getting mad at him, when he was rude, which he constantly was.

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

Aldous Huxley          1939


Love vs Sex 190

The Nice, the Bad, and the Almost Unbelievable

The most basic male appears to be the male who bloviates excessively in word and in projected persona about his sexual appetite, exploits and conquests, while in truth, remaining essentially asexual. This type of male is typically unaware in a general sense, emotionally unavailable in most higher degrees and prone towards preferring activity centered more around friends, sports, video games, work, or women other than the woman he has a public or socially acknowledged relationship with. His association with his “relationship” woman tends to revolve around either a public relations or advertising campaign about his own image, a motherly dynamic where he may perpetually act the wayward and self-centered child as the woman assumes all of the burdens of responsibility in the relationship or him becoming a super-brandisher trying to simply outdo and taunt every other guy with a more sexy or classy or total package “trophy” than they might have themselves. Some of the males in this category are certainly more benign and naive in their behavior, while others are definitely more malicious and conniving. Regardless of which of these natures rule in this type of male, the general  libido of both is often minimal or lacking. Most often, their sexual skill is poor and only encompassing the minimal interaction and exchange necessary for their sole enjoyment and sole climax. Nonetheless, the more conniving males in this group may still “notch their belts” excessively and compulsively, frequent gentlemen clubs, and lewdly flirt with any member of the opposite sex to maintain a false persona consistent with the normally assumed male bravado. A male of this greater group is most often referred to as a “nice guy” or a “respectable guy” even if they stray a little in the badboy areas of “normal men.” They are considered a safe bet by most women and unlikely to ever “leave for good.”

The second type of male may also display many of the negative or selfish behaviors described above. However, they possess a character trait of undeniable power and difference that distinctly separates them from this first group; sexual awareness and prowess. This type of male fundamentally retains an egocentric orientation but they have evolved or adopted the advanced technique of sexual manipulation and control that gives them perpetual dominion over the first type of male in relation to most sexual women. This second type appears addicted to corrupting or tricking or seducing women to act against their supposed better-natures or stated religious virtues or the accepted social norms of their given situation. It becomes an act to dehumanize and degrade women via their normal visceral instincts, desires, and responses regarding the flesh, by bastardizing the physical pleasure associated with the act of sex. These men prefer to reduce women to moaning beasts who forfeit all rational thought and any inertia that they may gather towards a desire of independence from their satiation-of-the-flesh-prison. As some mark or form of falsely assumed dominance over other men and all women, this type of male must obliterate any hope or consideration of the possible existence of a third type of male who possesses their same sexual prowess and yet chooses to yield elevation over degradation, by coupling it with spiritual grace in the pursuit of balanced and synergistically nurturing union(s). This second type of male is commonly referred to as the “bad boy” or the “fun guy.” He is the one many women would prefer to fuck and party with, but also the one they would never trust or earnestly engage as a partner in an attempt at a long standing relationship.

The third type of male prefers to elevate women and does so as both a devout friend and a lover. These men prefer to share their existence with a woman who is not moaning or groveling like a deplorable captive beast, but with a woman that shines and glistens in the supreme supernova potential of all of her infinite glory; the perpetual tremoring blissful rebirth of a phoenix ignited by the transcending radiance of undeniable love. This male seeks union instead of diabolical dominion. This male seeks love instead of some type of affirmation of superiority over his partner to satiate his own insecurity. This male desires to catalyze his energy and life force with a woman instead of hoarding his own and draining her of every drop that she possesses herself. This type of male will do everything that he may to make a woman tremble in a whirlwind of ecstasy as he lifts her up into the heavens. He does not drop her out of fun or boredom or weakness into the smoldering tortuous pits of an inescapable hell. He will always have her back. He will never let her down. In him, her coupling will find its true purpose. It will find true union. Many women may not believe that such a man even exists, but be assured that he does. Women will find such a man if they choose not to settle for less.

Cribb          2016


The Veterinarian 101

I think it important to note that corporations, not government, are the driving force behind scaring the hell out of people in every way imaginable so that they “run to the doctor” and spend or try to spend excessive amounts of money on their health care. This is done in massive and expertly crafted propaganda, repetitively bombarded over the internet, radio, and TV. The initiation of this tactic is beginning right now in veterinary medicine and it is ONLY of corporate origin (not government) with the direct intention of draining enormous amounts of money out of the pockets of pet owners with the sole purpose of making excessive profit. It is based on poor paranoid excessive medicine and intentional manipulation of medical truths, probabilities, and concerns. These corporations (insurance, drug, financing, doctor management hospitals) are governments. They are like small rogue nation states. They aren’t businesses and they haven’t been in a long time. They don’t actually operate in the private sector. That’s just an illusion and a technicality of language. They act with the same malevolence that many attribute only to “government” entities and maybe worse, because all that they care about and prioritize is maximizing profit. That is in direct conflict with practicing ethical, moral, and empathetic medicine. You may not be suffering too much yourself due to your socioeconomic status, but I assure you that many good people I know and have known, do.

Jeff Cribb DVM          2016