Perceptions of Ourselves and of Others 2

Part 2 –

The mixture of madness and light within all people is inherent in our existence. Everyone one of us has some component of category one and category two within our being. Most often, everyone treats everyone (including themselves) in one of these manners and the co-delusion remains perpetually mutual as well as perpetually co-destabilizing. As I stated previously, I believe this is a survival mechanism rooted in the individual psyche and initially employed in a developmental stage when attempting to deal with reality that appears too daunting to process or overcome. It might serve its purpose in that instance, but after surviving whatever eliciting situation, the psyche must shed that behavioral adaption if it is not to remain trapped in an endless cycle that primarily centers on the past.

Perceiving the present through lenses tainted by the past, whether they be of lighter or darker shade, is impossible and a consistent pattern of such behavior is neurotic, pathologic and unbalancing to all. We must see ourselves and everyone else as we all truly exist to attain actual balance, proper harmonizing structure, profound peace, devout spiritual union and “tough” love. There is no substitute or alternative to this approach and this fact remains one of the most confusing absolutes for anyone who is sincerely trying to figure it all out. It seems counterintuitive and almost unthinkable to most to accept that you must “love” or “see” or “acknowledge” the monster or darkness inside of everything, if you truly want to understand its essence and your own. We have been taught to deny such things…to ignore the fact of their existence supposedly for our own peace and salvation; to pretend and solidify our unrelenting faith on this pretending. This is madness and we have been indoctrinated with such insanity all of our lives by false prophets and other entities, some of whom are aware of the darkness they infectiously spread and others who are simply ignorant and naive vectors. Indoctrinated destabilization makes us easy to control and manipulate, and the effects of such tampering and puppeteering extended throughout every aspect of our lives, including the harnessing of suppressed/repressed sexual energy for war and our weakest compulsive addictions for excessive consumerism.           Indoctrinated destabilization blocks union and thus the auto-corrective force of natural order that exists within all of humanity. We don’t get to just recreate/rewrite people or animals or ourselves or anything else in existence with our own preferred delusion if we ever truly want to escape the prison of being trapped within our own mind. That is unfortunately where almost everyone gets unknowingly stuck, and it is important to add,  while vehemently pretending they are not. I cannot overstress the relevance of this point. To achieve union and the grace of our inherent auto-corrective nature, we must escape the confines of our own mind and the only way to do so is to stop tainting everything with our own preferred delusion.

(To be continued…)

Cribb          2016



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