Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 1

In 2015, I wrote five parts under this series/title. These five parts were also my five most popular blogs for that year. I am proud of the content and honestly think the subject matter is extremely relevant to understanding human behavior and all levels of societal interaction.


I am not sure how long this titled work might run, but I will label the parts sequentially until I reach the end. In my crazy Cribb world, I believe this subject matter to be the key to most of the unnecessary confusion and madness is this world. These defined psychological roles or personalities exist. They are not of a far reaching abstract concept of some metaphysical or surreal universe created out of paranoia or egocentric rationale. Three psychological books, referenced at the end of this work, have provided me with invaluable information understanding the relationships and dynamics that exist as a result of these three defined “tribes.”

Transcendence (downward, horizontal, and upward) is also arguably a universally accepted theory by almost anyone and any institution that delves into the realm of spirituality, awareness, and universal continuity. My theories of transcendence are primarily derived from Aldous Huxley’s illustrations and discussions…

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