Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 108

Jesus and the Ballot Box

Jesus would most definitely vote for:

1) Religious intolerance
2) The devout practice of hypocritical Christianity
3) Industrial parasitic and subjugative capitalism
4) American global invasion, war, and imperialism
5) The obliteration of the middle class
6) The exclusion of affordable healthcare for all
7) The poisoning of our planet
8) The removal of a social network to help and protect the retired and elderly in the latter stages of their lives
9) The ability for every individual to arm themselves with an assault rifle capable of rapid exponential lethality
10) Drone bombing to depersonalize and remove the inherent ethical restraints of the personal/individual psyche against indiscriminate killing and excessive unwarranted collateral damage.
11) Centralization of every sort, to shift the diffuse power and balance of more to the despotic monopolistic skewed gluttonous control of the few economic elite

That is definitely the Anglo blue-eyed Jesus that I have always known.



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