Love vs Sex 183

I’m not sure that my laughter,

despite whatever level of intensity or earnest involved,

was ever enough to prove to me that the world was right and precious,


that no matter what…..

no matter absolutely what…..

it would all be okay.

But her laughter,

her explosive joy and giggling and glitter and succulent tears and mmmmhhhhhmmmm’s,

her resounding undeniable rapturous happiness,

those things of that thing of rarity and legend,

assure me that the world perpetually remains full of sunshine and grace and white magic

that will never relent, yield, or whither away.

Could anything be more precious


more right to me and to the rest of world?

Could anything else prove that no matter what,

everything is okay,

was okay,

and will be okay?

Nope, no, nada, never.

Her laughter and joy is the shared light of existence


seeing it shine so brightly through her

blesses me eternally with the gifts


undaunting peace, hope, and love.



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