Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 106


The self-denials essential in neuroticism are the same self-denials present in the act and justification of over-nurturing and over-dominating others. It is all the same disease. The problem is that no one really wants to escape their own delirium. It is too hard to admit that the world doesn’t revolve around the subjective imaginings of our own fearful and paranoid nature. The objective world, our collective objective existence, isn’t ours to taint with our egocentric poison and proclaimed cures. We must get out of our own heads if we are to truly see and to truly hear, and ultimately be able to listen and accurately perceive all of the objective graces bestowed upon us. Such is the path out of isolating madness, suffering, and collateral destabilization and towards the transcendence of peace, love, and union.
Cribb          2015

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