Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 104

Always The Issue

The issue is stability versus destabilization. A stronger “pack” (country, business, family, team, etc) across the board of natural order versus a “destabilized pack” that allows natural order within that “pack” to be usurped by weaker individuals and entities that would under natural circumstances be minimally influential in power, possession (of sorts), and policy. Destabilization is pervasive in our country and culture at present. It hides in many forms (war, fear, greed, racism, industrial capitalism, American exceptionalism, religion, emotionally charged political propaganda….essentially any “ticket”) to allow for the most basic downward transcendence of existence. It has been made exponentially worse through overpopulation and over-organization which both lead to progressive centralization.

Centralization, whether transiently good or bad, will always tend to become more corrupt and destabilizing to the overwhelming majority of the “pack” so that endless rule and parasitism can be employed against the majority for the gluttonous greed and power mongering of the very few at the top. The naturally weaker usurpers imperatively and compulsively seek control of all (as opposed to balanced decentralized independent respectful tolerance and nonintervention) addictively through their only viable means, destabilization, in their own quest for perpetual self-perceived validation of their dominance (genuinely false in all respects) over all. In reality, this only correlates to subjugation via whatever available means and/or manipulation through their delusionary tactics. This dynamic occurs in every institution, every culture, every religion, and every type of political system.

Most likely, the American populace would need to shrink by one-half to three-quarters of its population for the higher functioning empaths to have a legitimate opportunity at re-establishing the widespread stability of functional decentralization in our country. Such a development would decrease the apath (psychological definition) population significantly, allowing the high functioning empaths to rally forces without being constantly swarmed, drowned, and thwarted in word and deed by a supersaturated populace of apaths. The leaders of both primary parties are meanwhile deadset on the further progressive centralization (the overdominance and bullying of a greater number of people) of a global government for the obvious reasons stated above.

Cribb          2015


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