Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 108

Jesus and the Ballot Box

Jesus would most definitely vote for:

1) Religious intolerance
2) The devout practice of hypocritical Christianity
3) Industrial parasitic and subjugative capitalism
4) American global invasion, war, and imperialism
5) The obliteration of the middle class
6) The exclusion of affordable healthcare for all
7) The poisoning of our planet
8) The removal of a social network to help and protect the retired and elderly in the latter stages of their lives
9) The ability for every individual to arm themselves with an assault rifle capable of rapid exponential lethality
10) Drone bombing to depersonalize and remove the inherent ethical restraints of the personal/individual psyche against indiscriminate killing and excessive unwarranted collateral damage.
11) Centralization of every sort, to shift the diffuse power and balance of more to the despotic monopolistic skewed gluttonous control of the few economic elite

That is definitely the Anglo blue-eyed Jesus that I have always known.



Love vs Sex 183

I’m not sure that my laughter,

despite whatever level of intensity or earnest involved,

was ever enough to prove to me that the world was right and precious,


that no matter what…..

no matter absolutely what…..

it would all be okay.

But her laughter,

her explosive joy and giggling and glitter and succulent tears and mmmmhhhhhmmmm’s,

her resounding undeniable rapturous happiness,

those things of that thing of rarity and legend,

assure me that the world perpetually remains full of sunshine and grace and white magic

that will never relent, yield, or whither away.

Could anything be more precious


more right to me and to the rest of world?

Could anything else prove that no matter what,

everything is okay,

was okay,

and will be okay?

Nope, no, nada, never.

Her laughter and joy is the shared light of existence


seeing it shine so brightly through her

blesses me eternally with the gifts


undaunting peace, hope, and love.



Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 107

Mr. Propter was distracted into reflecting, with a sudden but rather bitter sadness. But how few men ever do desire or, desiring, ever know what to wish for or how to get it! Right knowledge is hardly less rare than the sustained good will to act upon it. Of those few who look to God, most find, through ignorance, only such reflections of their own self-will as the God of battles, the God of the chosen people, the Prayer-Answerer, the Savior.

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

Aldous Huxley          1939

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 106


The self-denials essential in neuroticism are the same self-denials present in the act and justification of over-nurturing and over-dominating others. It is all the same disease. The problem is that no one really wants to escape their own delirium. It is too hard to admit that the world doesn’t revolve around the subjective imaginings of our own fearful and paranoid nature. The objective world, our collective objective existence, isn’t ours to taint with our egocentric poison and proclaimed cures. We must get out of our own heads if we are to truly see and to truly hear, and ultimately be able to listen and accurately perceive all of the objective graces bestowed upon us. Such is the path out of isolating madness, suffering, and collateral destabilization and towards the transcendence of peace, love, and union.
Cribb          2015

Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 105

A Conversation with my Dad about Me Purchasing a Car

“Dad, considering the profit margin you estimate they have in the car, what do you think is a fair balance of the price between the dealership and me?”

“Well, listen to me. The first thing you need to do Jeff, is get fair out of your mind. I know how you are. You are just like me and you want to believe the best in everyone…I know…but son, that’s just not the world that we live in, it’s just not. They may appear nice and be nice, but they are there to make money. That’s the bottom line.”

“Okay. I get it. I know. I really do. I hear you and will heed the advice. Thanks Dad.”

And then something fell into my coffee cup. Not because of the world being the way it is and not because my Dad was telling me something that I don’t really like to hear or acknowledge, but because my father lovingly reminded me that he really sees me and the person that I am. And what would make me assume otherwise? Why would I do that? Sometimes it’s nice to realize you were wrong, that you’re the asshole who didn’t see the other.

I’ll take that as my first Christmas present of the season and hold on to it dearly.

Cribb          2015

Love vs Sex 182

In the middle of his story about the Moors and the precipice, Pete became aware that only the Foreground¹ was listening to him. Virginia’s attention had wandered, surreptitiously at first, then frankly and avowed—had wandered to where, on her left, the less blonde of her two friends, was having something almost whispered to her by Dr. Obispo.

“What’s that?” Virginia asked.

Dr. Obispo leaned towards her and began again. The three heads, the oil-smooth black, the elaborately curly brown, the lustrous auburn, were almost touching. By the expression on their faces Pete could see that the doctor was telling one of his dirty stories. Alleviated for a moment by the smile she had given him when she asked him to tell them about Spain², the anguish in that panting void where his heart ought to have been came back with redoubled intensity. It was a complicated pain, made up of jealousy and a despairing sense of loss and personal unworthiness, of a fear that his angel was being corrupted and another, deeper fear, which his conscious mind refused to formulate, a fear that there wasn’t much further corruption to be done, that the angel was not as angelic as his love had made him assume. The flow of his narrative suddenly dried up. He was silent.

¹ Foreground refers to one of Virginia’s blonde female friends who happens to be sitting closer to Pete that Virginia herself.

² Immediately prior to these narrative events, Virginia had exuberantly elicited Pete to tell her and the group about his activities as a soldier in the Spanish civil war.

After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

Aldous Huxley          1939


Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 104

Always The Issue

The issue is stability versus destabilization. A stronger “pack” (country, business, family, team, etc) across the board of natural order versus a “destabilized pack” that allows natural order within that “pack” to be usurped by weaker individuals and entities that would under natural circumstances be minimally influential in power, possession (of sorts), and policy. Destabilization is pervasive in our country and culture at present. It hides in many forms (war, fear, greed, racism, industrial capitalism, American exceptionalism, religion, emotionally charged political propaganda….essentially any “ticket”) to allow for the most basic downward transcendence of existence. It has been made exponentially worse through overpopulation and over-organization which both lead to progressive centralization.

Centralization, whether transiently good or bad, will always tend to become more corrupt and destabilizing to the overwhelming majority of the “pack” so that endless rule and parasitism can be employed against the majority for the gluttonous greed and power mongering of the very few at the top. The naturally weaker usurpers imperatively and compulsively seek control of all (as opposed to balanced decentralized independent respectful tolerance and nonintervention) addictively through their only viable means, destabilization, in their own quest for perpetual self-perceived validation of their dominance (genuinely false in all respects) over all. In reality, this only correlates to subjugation via whatever available means and/or manipulation through their delusionary tactics. This dynamic occurs in every institution, every culture, every religion, and every type of political system.

Most likely, the American populace would need to shrink by one-half to three-quarters of its population for the higher functioning empaths to have a legitimate opportunity at re-establishing the widespread stability of functional decentralization in our country. Such a development would decrease the apath (psychological definition) population significantly, allowing the high functioning empaths to rally forces without being constantly swarmed, drowned, and thwarted in word and deed by a supersaturated populace of apaths. The leaders of both primary parties are meanwhile deadset on the further progressive centralization (the overdominance and bullying of a greater number of people) of a global government for the obvious reasons stated above.

Cribb          2015