Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 101 – A Sith Lord and a Troubled Jedi Master

A very wise Sith Lord once spoke with a equally wise though somewhat confused Jedi Master. He told the Jedi Master that the problem and utter frustration his green-lightsaber-carrying-ass was experiencing, trying to help and protect and uplift the rest of the world, was that the rest of the world never really meant anything they said. They disconnected their words from their true feelings and thoughts, desires and needs, wants and fears. Their words were simply empty and meaningless. Maybe the reason was from a lack of drive or perhaps from the limitations of a lower awareness or even possibly from a pseudo-survival mechanism to calm the threatening fear of vulnerability everyone feels when uttering the profound truth they are experiencing to others. But regardless of whatever reason, that was just the way it was.

The key to it all, said the Sith Lord, was to accept that fact, the inevitability and undeniability of that truth. Once you did so, you could not be hurt or injured by the irrationality of the behavior of those you wanted to help. By giving up on the world, by losing all hope and expectation for those whose actions and words never ever quite aligned, you save yourself from disappointment…heartbreak…and the cursed expended effort and palpable failure within yourself for being unable to help…unable to make a difference. The Sith told the Jedi that if he would only accept this hopelessness in totality to begin with, if he could only come to terms with accepting this idea, there would be no disappointment or frustration in his heart. If the Jedi could do that, he would have a better life and peace of mind, absent of worrying endlessly about directly or even indirectly uplifting the unliftable.

The Jedi Master thought long and hard about the Sith’s words. He knew that the Sith was a very intelligent being who also possessed extraordinary awareness and that the Sith’s logic and approach to his own dilemma could not be discounted as the mad ravings of a lunatic or some nonsensical conjecture. The Dark Side’s approach seemed to be overwhelmingly justified by even his own Jedi perceptions and observations. And within the darkness of his difficult pondering about these matters, while even the selfish consideration of only his own peace and his own survival lurked about him fiercely, the Force finally spoke to him, reminding him of who and why and what he was.

And then the Jedi remembered he wasn’t a Sith. He wasn’t sure if this was an active choice that he had once made, to be one or the other, but for whatever reason, at the present moment and for a long time now, he had had no choice, not if he were to remain true to his core. Trying to become a Sith and live like a Sith, no matter how supposedly logical or easy or protective of his own life and energy, was diametrically opposed to his own nature. He was a Jedi. He is a Jedi. He will always be a Jedi. And to live as a Jedi, no matter the cost or the burden bore, was what he must always do. It was and is natural order…natural law. It was and is the Force implemented. It was and is the tough love of the universe.

The Jedi don’t give up, no matter the odds and no matter the cost. They don’t give up on others. They don’t give up on the world. They don’t give up on themselves. That’s the difference between the Jedi and the Sith, and no matter how rare the Jedi seem in number, no matter how alone and tempting it may be to try and live like a Sith, the only way to bring other Jedi’s out of hiding or save them from the corruption of the Dark Side is to always stand tall and be one with the Force. Doing so is what strengthens the Force, giving it more power and energy and light, to work in its mysterious universal and ultimately uplifting way.

May the Force be with us all.

Cribb          2015

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