Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 98

The Great American Consumer

American consumerism is not only about outdoing your fellow man in gluttony, hoarding, and the display of your accumulated possessions for all to see, to witness, to remember. It is also about the power trip of over-dominance that the consumer may subject upon the employee or business owner on the slightest satiating whim, free of any justification or repercussion. The American consumer is a “Great American” who can buy whatever they want, even if insanely in debt and without true need, while basking in the delusion of their almighty unquestionable dominance and egocentric value. These traits have been intentionally indoctrinated and fostered in our populace to destabilize the overwhelming majority of the herd. The destabilization occurs easily since it satisfies humanities need to transcend (feeling greater than one’s physical self and limitations) in a downward (meaning more animalistic, without association of any sort with the higher principles of spirituality, and a parasitizing of energy from other life forms only for one’s own benefit) fashion. In other words, such indoctrination taps into the lowest, darkest, and the most isolating aspects of the human psyche where we all become demons with the “soul” purpose of shitting on all others just in hopes of proving that we are the greatest demon of all ourselves. Money and its purchasing power have not been utilized by the herd as honorable, noble, and uplifting instruments of mutual benefit and respect. Instead, they have been used as bastardized rewards to instill and reinforce the powers of over-dominance, fear, and subjugation in all. As bullies or demons, those less or more aware, we torture ourselves and others, no matter our marketing or mask. A noble dollar of exchange and a free market of balance, appreciation, and appropriate reward is a nice dream to hold on to, and it is a profound dream of unification and respect. But for now, Americans eat themselves in their egocentric consumerism while their greater demons continue to laugh and applaud and prompt their progressive madness by praising them all for being such great American capitalists.



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