Love vs Sex 178 (#21 on Tantric Sex)


It is good to realize that separating slowly and respectfully is as important and significant as coming together slowly and respectfully. Foreplay and afterplay are one and the same thing. Conscious lovemaking creates a very powerful energy field around a couple, and if suddenly disrupted it can be extremely disturbing, producing quite the opposite effect. The intimate exchange creates a deep bonding, nurturing, and healing. It can be a physical and psychological shock when, for example, the man suddenly and unexpectedly withdraws his penis from the vagina leaving the woman with the feeling of being unplugged or suddenly abandoned by her lover, and the benefits experienced from the lovemaking can easily be destroyed. The energy fields are one, so avoid sudden separation. Tell your partner when you wish to separate your bodies, and do it slowly and consciously.

After making love it is really worthwhile to lie down side by side in consciousness, and relax together in silence after sexual union. Keep your attention inward before scattering the energy with talking or laughing, focusing on the streaming sensations in the body. This strongly reinforces your sensitivity and consciousness and has transforming effects.

The Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson          2003

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