Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 93 – Easy Money


The American dream

That gleaming glint and sparkle reflecting off icebergs…canines, which float stoically in a frigid enamel sea that is just a little too snowy white

The fraternity comraderic jizzle

The shit oozing from dapper pinstriped suits of one shaded grey or another, pinnacled perpetually in presentation by the hangman’s colorful noose of refined recognition and  expertly cinched cravat

The comedy, the joke, the ridicule of those whose heart and soul and blood and bone bears witness and contribution completely in the labors, their labors, of education, of art, of tradesman, of medicine, of higher pursuit and learning, of contribution beyond the endeavor of a slaphappy sycophantic charlatan who either of whip or charm hackamores all susceptible workhorses into bearing his bridle.

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The fat-ass supervisor

with his

polished brown loafers, pressed khaki slacks, collared polo…

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