Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 93 – Easy Money

The American dream

That gleaming glint and sparkle reflecting off icebergs…canines, which float stoically in a frigid enamel sea that is just a little too snowy white

The fraternity comraderic jizzle

The shit oozing from dapper pinstriped suits of one shaded grey or another, pinnacled perpetually in presentation by the hangman’s colorful noose of refined recognition and  expertly cinched cravat

The comedy, the joke, the ridicule of those whose heart and soul and blood and bone bears witness and contribution completely in the labors, their labors, of education, of art, of tradesman, of medicine, of higher pursuit and learning, of contribution beyond the endeavor of a slaphappy sycophantic charlatan who either of whip or charm hackamores all susceptible workhorses into bearing bridle.

Don’t worry about paying for it all up front. We offer a convenient financing plan to assist you in your purchase.

The fat-ass supervisor

with his

polished brown loafers, pressed khaki slacks, collared polo shirt,

hair-sprayed head, and jowls a’ jabbering,

standing there or tooling around on a golf cart,

ordering a group of men covered in work clothes and a much darker complexion,

to dig a hole, mortar some brick, plant a tree or move some heavy object

from one place to another,

the shotgun lacking from his shoulder


the high falutin pseudo-genteel aristocratic condescension ablaze

Ya always gotta look under the hood in conducting a business. You just got to.

Those bubbles and breasts

proffered so presentably, so professionally, so alluringly,

in the elevated cleancut caressing cleavage of the heavenly clouds

which float above

the sleekest form fitting fabric


appreciative displays and purchasing rewards

commensurate with

excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Always offer the best medicine to the client, always, and never mention euthanasia. The money isn’t your concern. It’s theirs. Let them say no to your first recommendation. Don’t even offer another option until they so no.

The bottom line of profit,

preempting and prioritized above all else,

the shareholder’s wet dream of uncontemplated and unbalanced return,

the nod to the CEO


put down any proletarian, perform any policy, produce any product, proffer any propaganda,

in the name of a principled prime directive,

in the name of invested wealth and proper dividend,

in the name of a capitalistic land of opportunity for all,

in the name of the free market,

in the name of freedom itself.

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The bombastic trump card of the unaccomplished,

brandished boldly in conquered banner

over those of the contending clan,

pilfering portended into the victorious heralding ascendancy


triumphant prosperity

consummated in the exaltation of exploitation,

the honor of duping the dupable,

the supreme satiation of selling worthless shit after shellacking it in a sales pitch


the most plausibly intended deception,

 usurping another’s trust, naievity, or reason

through only

the glorious act


circumventing one’s own fair contribution


honest accomplishment and exchange.

The only heresy of marketing and money,

to tell the truth.

Cribb          2015

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