Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 92

President Reagan’s Best Lesson

The most astounding thing that Ronald Reagan, the best lesson ever, was his reconciliation with his mistake he made in Lebanon with two-hundred and forty-two marines being killed. By admitting he made a mistake, admitting that he said he would never turn tail and run…but he finally came around to understanding the irrationality of the politics of the middle east, and he should have never gone in there, and therefore he said if I had done that, been more neutral in the situation, those marines would be alive today. That should be Reagan’s quote…the recognition when he made a mistake and Americans died needlessly… nobody wants to talk about that. They want to talk about Ronald Reagan being forceful. The extreme of this is when Reagan bombed Libya, needlessly, which just further antagonized…and we’re still in a mess with Libya…as if that had solved the problem. So, that is the type of intervention that is just so difficult for me to understand.

Transcript excerpt from the Liberty Report, Sept. 2015

Ron Paul

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