Love vs Sex 170

The Muse and Constant of Jody

Oh muse,

you have apparently enchanted me,

and I,

drunk on such enchantment,

find myself forgetting not to live and forgetting not to love,

as it should be…

as I believe It should be for us all.

I thought of you before I was born

and I will think of you for all of eternity after I have passed from this world.

My thoughts


the core essence of my spirit behind them


a constant in all realms and states of existence.

You are a constant

in my being

and I am a constant

in yours…

regardless of our transient states.

We are one,

we have always been one,

but we became two to explore all of creation;

to learn, to grow, to wander, to see, and to appreciate all else as itself,

so that we may truly appreciate in all of its graceful exquisiteness our own uniqueness,

and decide,

against all of the obstacles of chaos


the proffered dreams and desires of others,

that we want to return

to one another,



want to return to

our sublime unity of a transcending


Cribb          2015

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