Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 79

What Must Be and What Will Be

A liar must make the rest of the world into liars.

A cheater must turn the rest of the world into cheaters.

A person of no skill and non-production must sell to all products and services absent of skill and true productivity.

A person terrified with fear, must undermine and deconstruct the confidences and securities which exist within the rest of the world.

A person consumed by anger and hate, must infect everyone with all of the violent fury and angst that boils within their own blood.

A person blind to love must gouge out the eyes of all so that none may see.

A person who is weak must use all of their strength to weaken all who are strong.

A person who is sexually repressed must viciously attack and defame and vilify the sexual freedom and liberties of all.

A person too timid and insecure to seek out and fulfill their own dreams must orchestrate every influence they possess to dash the dreams and the seeking out of such by all others.

A person who prefers the bosom of delusion must force upon all the suckling of the milk and nectar of rewritten truth and nonexistence.

A person who has fought through the pervasive madness and distraction of herd hypnosis and survived its continuous destabilization, to discover and accept the truth of being in natural order, will make every effort to bring the enlightenment of such survival and escape to anyone seeking such answers and such hope.

A person of sight and suffering who has gracefully crossed the rare path of a true healer, a soul flowing full of brilliance and awareness and peace, and found that soul to be unexpectedly holding their hand as they stood against the daunting dark hoard of the world, will reach for the hands of others with their own healing touch, and never falter in their alliances of support and defense of all children of the Light.

A person who wants to be loved in the fairy tale way of intolerable yearning desire and  respectful uncompromising honor and unique titillating enchantment that knows no end, will do all that they may to bestow such things upon you and the rest of the world.

Cribb          2015


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