Love vs Sex 160

A short love note written to a Pouty Owl

I also hope that you truly understand how much profound respect and admiration I have for you.

It goes way beyond the laughter and the physical attraction.

My respect and admiration for you,

oh Maker of the Good,

is the undeniable root and tendril that binds my awareness to your’s.

Your root opens up my heart and tickles my soul.

I laugh because these things delight me and I laugh more because the world sees only the flowers of your essence…

they dwell only upon them….

while I alone seem to understand

and appreciate

the true beauty and being

which hides down below the flesh,

below the soil.

They will never know the root

and thus,

they will never know



the truly rare exquisiteness which resides within your,

oh so vibrant,



Cribb          2015

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