Love vs Sex 152

The subtle, largely unacknowledged appeal of extra homes and lovers relies on not making actual use of them. That unfulfilled longing, the idea of a gorgeous vacant home or a pining concubine, sustains the object’s attraction. Picture Playboy centerfolds or the idle harem ladies painted by Delacroix or the vacant rooms depicted in the passages of Architectural Digest. All of them empty vessels waiting to be filled.


Chuck Palahniuk          2013

Cribb Comment: This passage is another illustration of the shifting of reality/time by people from the present, from being here and now, to the dreamworld of the future. And while anticipation is healthy and good for the heart and for the soul, the perpetual state of the future never coming to fruition tells the true tale. Disengaging from the present, you can avoid reality. You can “write” a palliative and fabricated future for your life and insert the necessary “assumed to be truths” to convince yourself of the plausibility of your fictional reality. Interestingly, I find this behavior parallels compulsive liars in their intent and imposed self-brainwashing. People…lovers included, run away from the present and to future accomplishments and endeavors, so that they may deceive themselves about the actual truth of their non-fictional existence in the current moment. This shift out of “being” via the manipulation of time within the mind also couples with the nullifying force of non-stop activity associated with constant action and change. This is also always rewritten into the positive as in the daunting number of potential lovers one may have to choose from or in the number of material possessions and toys one possesses and gets to play with at will (both as opposed to the overwhelming majority of people who surround them), but in reality it is only a distractive technique of endless nervous, perhaps terrified, energy, where the mind cannot sit still and alone for the briefest moment of satisfied “being” and existence as simply is.

Cribb          2015

One thought on “Love vs Sex 152

  1. Spot-on! Those unplugged from the here and now and focused on yet unrealized future possibilities are deciding their own unfulfilled destiny. The experience of happiness is only possible in the present.

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