The Veterinarian – Exchanges and Dealing with the Fear Behind it All (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3 from the genre of “The Veterinarian” in my blogosphere. These stories are autobiographical and tickled and tainted by all that tickles and taints genuine existence.


(continued from parts 1 and 2)

The veterinarian had noted the look of fear on the little girl’s face when he had entered the room. She sat next to her mom and though not exactly clingy in character, she was inwardly withdrawn displaying such in her posture and her mannerisms. Her face revealed doubt, skepticism…..fear. Her mother, seemingly stable and not unnerved in the least, appeared to be ignoring her daughter’s facial expressions and whatever might be lurking beneath them.

“So, how has Shadow been? Has he been doing well at home? Any recent problems or issues that you can think of?” The veterinarians words are directed to the mother along with the majority of his eye contact. Only a fleeting glimpse or two catches the little girl in his periphery as he has intended. His words and tone have also instantly shed any hint of “puppy talk” or…

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