Love vs Sex 144 (#14 on Tantric Sex)

Love vs Sex is one of the running genres which intertwine to form the backbone of my blog. It explores all realms of “love” and “sex”. LvsS 144 also involves a running subcategory; Tantric Sex. Just try it…..why not…..just once?


Generations of women have failed to experience their divine orgasmic potential, the female delight of sensuality and love through sex. The Garden of Love, the secret gateway to sexual ecstasy for women and men, lies abandoned, untouched, overgrown with straying weeds. All the emotional memories of a woman’s painful sexual experiences such as rape, abortion, aggression, and abuse (I will add insecurity and repression from whatever origins – Cribb interjection) leave their psychological imprint in the deepest part of the vagina. This causes constriction in the vaginal tissues, making the walls tough and unyielding. In this way, there is a ongoing protective defense set up in the tissues, and the vagina contracts instinctively during intercourse, inhibiting deeper penetration. This means that the powerful positive penis head is unable to correspond smoothly and directly with its negative counterpart in the very depths of the vagina, thus affecting the energy flow.


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