Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 5

Sociopath-Apath-Empath Triad (Shall we call it a Trinity?) aka Sociopath-Empath-Apath Triad (SEAT)

The penultimate desire or goal of a Sociopath is to trump, discredit, or destabilize an Empath. I have some obscure opinions on why this occurs, but to keep our Triad simple and in the realm of accepted psychological theory, let’s just restate and agree momentarily that the Sociopath perceives (their) existence as having the one and only purpose of proving their own superiority/dominance over others. The Sociopaths are especially hyperfocused on proving their superiority and dominance over Empaths.

In our “Trinity”, the Demons (Sociopaths) operate secretly and with a great degree of covert manipulation to rewrite or reorchestrate reality for the Sheep (Apaths). This rewritten and readily accepted plausible reality of excuse easily temps the Sheep into actively “sinning” and/or drowning willfully into numbing delusion. The Sith (Sociopaths) use such rewriting, the Dark Side of the Force if you will, to easily corrupt or hypnotize the Inter-Galactic Populace (Apaths) into joining the greater alliance of the Empire so that a more unified and massive assault, can be delivered against the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi (Empaths) amongst them.

In these orchestrations of riling up the Apathic heard of humanity against the Empaths, it seems that the Sociopaths distinctly prefer to work indirectly, deceptively, and hidden behind the curtain. The more clever and discrete and masked the web of their deception and manipulations, the greater their thrill and satisfaction. I believe the passive aggression in this specific modus operandi is important to note. One might also question my previous applied label of prey drive to the Sociopath’s behavior in this scenario. While, not overt like a lion charging a gazelle, the Sociopath still retains and displays enormous prey drive in the form of extreme patience, calculation, deception, and the setting of a very intricate and “lethal” trap for their chosen prey. A conjured image comes to mind of a crocodile lurking just under the surface of the water, waiting an eternity in silence and stealth, to strike and execute a deathroll upon his prey precisely at the most advantageous opportunity or a female Angler fish, utilizing her modified dorsal spine to seductively lure victims to their luminescent doom, as she keeps the rest of herself hidden completely within the adjacent darkness via her light absorbing skin.

It does not appear clearly defined whether the Sociopath actually initiates most of the Trinity exchanges or if the Empath typically triggers the fateful chain reaction. I believe both are likely and especially if a given Empath is more in a Hybrid or Transition state (again, to be discussed later). Regardless, the Sociopath perpetually keeps Apaths orbiting around them like planetary bodies or minions. This allows the Corporation (Sociopath) to have sacrificial pawns continuously on standby and ready to serve whatever purpose is desired, even including that of pure amusement. The Sociopath uses many techniques to create and sustain their gravitational charisma field pull on the Consumer (Apath), including excessive charm, entertainment, bribes (including coupons…..yeah coupons!!!) of every sort, self-misrepresentation/mimicry, and overt deception. Overwhelmingly, the Consumers (Apaths) guzzle, guzzle, and guzzle the Sociopathic Kool Aid, and they always seem to want more and more of it. That brings me back to a reflection on drive. It is possible that the Sociopath typically has prey drive, the Empath typically has defensive drive, and maybe, just maybe, the Apath essentially has no drive (or very minimal, respectively)? Honestly, I believe so. Consider the other analogy dimensions I am utilizing….most often, the humans have no desire (true drive) to resist the sinning temptations of Demons, the lonely woman in the bar who is craving sex has no true desire (true drive) to challenge the Player’s integrity, and the Herd members naively buy (forfeiture of drive/lack of drive) all of the Corporate retail propaganda indoctrinated upon them, without having the will or determination (no drive) to realize the true self-destruction and subjugation they impose on themselves by such action.

Regardless of my proposed drive issue dynamics, in the Trinity or Triad or SEAT, the Sociopath always forms an alliance of sorts with the Apath. This transaction (the sociopathic transaction) ideally benefits the Sociopath because of the ease with which apathetic entities (Apaths) can be controlled, manipulated, and duped. This relationship scheme with the Apath(s) may be conducted by the Sociopath through benign manipulation, but it may just as likely, include the wielding of fear.

The Empath may enter the Trinity/Triad/SEAT when they are preemptively targeted by the Sociopath and their Minions (Apaths) for entertainment, a pissing contest (pure dominance challenge), or for the purpose of discrediting their watchful and aware defensive drive (aka speak up when something ain’t right drive or my brother’s keeper drive) to avoid being candidly challenged and/or fully exposed in true purpose and intent. First blood in the Trinity might also be drawn by the Empath, when they either choose to unmask the true intentions of the Sociopath or challenge the Sociopath’s accepted authoritative role in a given pack. Regardless, the Empath is typically forced to stand alone in his/her convictions against the Sociopath who possess the backing of coerced Apaths. Think of Christ versus the Pharisees and the Romans and the majority of the Jews with or without our archetype Demon, the Devil, being involved. Think Django and King Schultz versus Calvin Candie, the KKK, and the rest of the slave trade. Think Edward Snowden versus the USA and the CIA and the NSA. Think of those at the top whipping up the vitriol and hate and utter distortion of common sense versus the causes of Christ or Snowden or Django, and then think of the mob, the unthinking, hypocritical, inciteful, zombie-Apath mob, that blindly followed the orders or instructions of “authority” to demonize, crucify, and torture these Empaths.

Frequently, the Sociopath escapes the Trinity without harm or suffering and the Empath is forced to bear unprovoked and unwarranted abuse with associated character assassination from the Herd of complicit Apaths. And of course, in the long run, the Apaths often eventually suffer as well; either through realization of their nonsensical, indoctrinated brainwashed antics (conscience remorse) or through the direct impact of the Sociopaths actions via the implementation of bastardized law, the occurrence of economic deprivation/robbery, the destabilization of one’s mental faculties, or the loss of one’s life. Again, think golden parachutes versus the impact of the global economic bubble meltdown on the common man.

I do not mean to suggest that the Jedi (Empath) always remains aware and outside of the seductive influence of the Sith (Sociopath). Often, the Sociopath will directly engage the unknowing or naive Empath in a close up game of deception along with their Apathic Herd flanking tactics. This close up game of Sociopath on Empath crime has been characterized with definitive stages in the psychoanalytic literature. In addition, Sociopaths also easily identify Empathic targets, while many Empaths remain unable to recognize the Sociopathic threat.

Ultimately, many Empaths suffer severely from the experience of being lured unknowingly into the Sociopathic Transaction dynamic.

To be continued…

Cribb          2015

One thought on “Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 5

  1. I got out of the SEAT by substituting an Apath (or possibly another Sociopath) for another empath.
    Perhaps empaths need to go on the offensive more. I do find apaths don’t like empathy and empaths being in charge even if it is better for them. Sheeple like it bad and do not like empathy prevailing

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