Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 4

The Dance between the Jedi, the Sith, and the rest of the Galaxy

When I think of the classifications of Apaths (60%), Empaths (36%), and Sociopaths (4%), their more or less definitive roles within humanity, and how they best might relate to one another and the greater principle of transcendence, a few analogies come easily to mind. In large part with these analogies I am deviating more so into the realm of my personal opinion and surreal reflection. Nonetheless, I still believe these dynamic analogies are very relevant to reality. They deal specifically with pure classifications and again, do not address or reflect what I call the Hybrid or a Trans-state.

Apaths relate to humanity, as Empaths relate to Angels, and as Sociopaths relate to Demons or perhaps the “Fallen” (Angels).

Apaths relate to cosmic humanity, as Empaths relate to the Jedi, and as Sociopaths relate to the Sith.

Apaths relate to the general retail customer who buys into all the delusion of coupons, sales, and sales pitches in whatever form, no matter how nonsensical. Empaths can relate to a small business/local/tradesman producer that keeps his business/vocational model balanced and contributing appropriately to all forces (himself, employees, clients, and the local related community) without the use of gimmicks or deceptions. Sociopaths can relate to the corporations that utilize all methods of tricks, deceptions, and marketing gimmicks to sell whatever they have, no matter the actual worth of the product, for as much profit as they can squeeze out of the individual, the community, and even their own workers. The Sociopath/corporate model analogy further destabilizes the local community through these tactics, but “gains” gluttonously itself by hoarding/centralizing the drained revenue extracted from as many local communities as possible.

Apaths relate to the hot dumb woman or the simple handsome man with money or the basic high school boy. Sociopaths relate to the male player, feeding the dumb woman whatever lines she wants to believe to make her feel special, or charming her with continuous laughter, so that she will drop her panties. They relate to the woman who marries the simple handsome man only for his money and his providing, never working herself and cheating on him at will, or the female high school teacher who takes advantage of our basic high school boy by using him as a tool for her sexual games and personal satisfaction. The Empaths relate to the teachers that might be sexually attracted to a student or two, but who restrain themselves from acting on the desire, because of the inappropriate and potential predatory dynamic that surely exists, and instead invests their sincere effort in lifting up and stabilizing all students. The Empath is also the true friend that earnestly tries to tell our hot dumb woman not to look for the wrong type of guy in the wrong type of environment on a persistent basis if she really seeks something different in a relationship, and perhaps the blogger or counselor or friend that attempts to provide support and encouragement for our simple handsome guy to get the hell out of his parasitic and one sided marriage (assuming he is unhappy with such).

Apaths relate to the portion of the “herd” that is to be eaten by other predators. They are to be culled through natural selection for they are the weakest of the herd. Empaths relate to higher evolved and more valuable members of the “herd” whose primary focus centers on child rearing, the maintenance of intra”herd” harmony, and most other activities outside of the realms of hunting and the physical protection of the “herd.” One might even say the empaths relate more to primary defensive drive in their approach to existence. The Sociopaths, also higher evolved than the Apaths, are very driven, relentless, potentially vicious, fearless and calculating warriors who hunt game for the “herd” and also severe to protect the “herd” against other predators and opposing “herds.” The sociopaths seem to relate more to prey drive as their primary approach to existence.

And still a few other dynamics come to mind, but I will limit my analogies of both real and surreal origin to these five. Next the Sociopathic Triad and the Laughter that Kills Me.

To be continued…

Cribb          2015

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