Running into a Brick Wall – 2


The man slowly walks the woman back away from the wall. When they get about twelve feet from it, he says “There is a nice patch of grass and sunshine just a few more steps away. Would you like to go sit there? The warmth of the sunshine might feel good to you… and the softness of the ground and grass would probably be much more comfy to sit or lay upon.” She rocks back on her feet and looks at him, directly at him, for just a minute. It seems like she is considering the option, but then suddenly and without provocation, her consideration seems to implode violently and crumble upon itself. “I like it here. I don’t see any reason to walk any further. I am comfortable here…..but…..thank you for asking anyway” she replies stoically….levelly, but perhaps, also with the slightest bit more of introspection than before.

“Okay,” he says quietly and with acceptance, “I hear you. Any chance then that you might want to sit down here? I know the concrete is a little rough, but we can spread my jacket out on it and make it a little more comfortable to sit on. It might do us both some good just to relax for a minute and clear our minds.”

” I don’t want to sit. I want to stand. You can sit if you want to though. I’m gonna call some friends to come get me. I think that would be good for me. I need some friend time. They always make me smile….and we have so much fun together. Now that I think about it, I guess it has been quite a while since I spent any time with them. Maybe you and I have been spending too much time together…I mean I don’t want to neglect my friends, I know how much they care about me. They are so important to me. I think I would really like to see them. That would make me so happy.” She smiles at him, a big broad smile, as she finishes the words. Her face is so full of longing and doubt, and so empty of any desire to acknowledge the possible truth of reality.

She pulls out a phone and texts one of her best friends and never receives a reply.

After ten minutes, she grows slightly restless, and decides to text another friend. Her phone buzzes a moment later, and the man watches her as she brings the screen close to her face and reads the reply. He can’t see the text, but he can tell from her body language that she is disappointed and perhaps even disheartened by the reply. She sadly mumbles “Really?” under her breath and the man is fairly sure that she isn’t even aware that she has spoken aloud. His heart is breaking for her, but she doesn’t see this because she is still staring intently at her phone.

She rebounds in a moment, proclaims her intent and minimizes a request. “I’m just gonna send a group text and one of my friends will come get me. Do you mind staying here with me a little while longer, until one of them get here?” He says “No, of course not.”

 Soon, another woman drives up. She is one of the friends who received the group text. She gets out of the car and walks over to the two of them and before anything else occurs, she yells “What did HE do to you? Oh my God, what did you let HIM do to you? Why would you let a MAN treat you like that? I would never, never allow a MAN to do that to me! Let’s get you away from HIM now.” She aggressively reaches out to take the bruised and bloodied woman’s hand in somewhat of a pulling motion, but before contact is actually made, the  brick wall collider pulls back and says “No. He didn’t do this to me….and why are you assuming that? He’s been good to me. He…….has actually been trying to help me. I called you only because I wanted for us to see each other for a little bit. I thought we might share some laughter and just hangout for a while…just talk, but that has nothing to do with my friend. Why are you saying he did things to me? That’s not fair. It’s not right. Will you stop trying to drag me away so quickly and just listen for a second?”

“You must be delusional. I have no idea why you would lie like that, but I know what happened….I know…I know HE did this to you. You need MY protection. You need to get away from this MAN. You NEED to come with ME right now! RIGHT NOW!. We are going to leave now. You need to get away from him.” She reaches out to grab the arm of the brick wall collider once more and again, the gesture is also effectively dodged.

“I told you that…”

“I am not listening any more. Come with ME now or I am leaving without you.”

“I just wanted to spend som…..”

“Have fun with HIM! Have fun…..with HIM. I tried to help you, but you just won’t listen….FINE. I’m leaving. HE can spend time with you. HE CAN. Don’t text or call me anymore. I will not be a part of tolerating HIS behavior.” The woman turns very swiftly and marches aggressively back to her car. She jumps inside and speeds away without a second glance or any other form of farewell.

To be continued…

Cribb          2015



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