Running into a Brick Wall – 1

A man puts aside his other responsibilities and the time he might have had to spend with others so that he might spend that time instead with a particular woman.

He initiates the effort and completes the action to reach her and to remain in her presence.

He is happy to be with her. He enjoys her company and he is hopeful that she feels the same in regards to him. He is aware of her obvious pain and suffering, extending out of her past, which she has related to him specifically in her own words. He hopes to never add to such feelings. He hopes that in their association he may be able to help lift her up some, so that she may have an easier time finding her own peace and thus, be able to shed all of her pain and suffering forevermore.

The man and the woman are standing together, approximately twelve feet from a large brick wall. The man is focused on his partner in a healthy, non-controlling, vested manner. They are talking amicably back and forth, then without warning, she turns away from the man and runs, head first, at full speed into the brick wall.

The man doesn’t know what to do. He is completely perplexed by the behavior and wonders what the hell just happened. He is worried for the woman, because he cares about her, and he runs over to her collapsed body and helps her to stand. She rises slowly and accepts his help, but then appears very irritated when he inquires “Why did you do that? Why would you run into that wall like that?” She says “I don’t want to talk about it. It has nothing to do with you. I am fine and I don’t need you or anyone else to save me. Please don’t psychoanalyze me.”

Despite the man’s concerns and his desire to help the woman, he knows he cannot force the issue. He drops the subject completely and together they return to some normal conversation. Soon, the woman’s parent’s arrive. Her mother and father walk up to her, each giving her a rigid, cold, aristocratic hug, and say “How great it is to see you! We love you, so, so much! We’re sorry we haven’t seen you in so long, but we were in the area to visit a friend of our’s, so we just decided to stop by and spend some quality time with you. I’m so glad that we did! Wow, it is so great to see you and we really enjoyed it, but we just noticed the time, and we have to go….the Braves game will be starting soon and we need to get home to watch it. We hope that bruising on your face doesn’t hurt too much. We are sure it will heal soon, whatever caused it. Oh yeah, and before we go, can you just run into that brick wall, over there, for us? Pretty please, with sugar on top!” Without missing a beat, the woman replies “It was great to see both of you too. I love you too. And of course I will, why wouldn’t I?”

She immediately turns towards the brick wall and without further adue, runs full force directly into it. She almost knocks herself out. More bruising and blood can instantly be seen spreading across her face. The man wonders if he is dreaming or if he has just lost his mind, but nonetheless, he still turns and rushes to the woman. When he gets to her, he drops to his knees, gently cradles her head and neck, and sees that her left eye and her upper lip are now severely swollen. She is spitting up a tiny amount of blood, but seems to be breathing okay. The man hears a car start and he turns his head to see the woman’s parents beginning to drive away, both waving with their hands out of each side of the car. He then hears the parents yell “Goodbye, bye! It was great to see you! Love you! See you soon!” before her father apparently steps on the accelerator and the car goes speeding away. The man thinks what-the-fuck is going on. He turns back to the woman who is now attempting to stand though she seems very unstable. He says “Babe, babe sit down. You are injured. Please sit down, so you don’t hurt yourself further. Okay?”

She looks back at him. “Don’t tell me what to do! Don’t! I don’t need your help! I am fine. Leave me alone. I’m fine. Just help me up, but no more talking! No more questions! I don’t know why you have to talk so damn much and ask so many damn questions. Do you always have to be so serious? Can’t you just ever enjoy life? Can’t you laugh once in a while?”

For a moment, he wonders if he was the one that ran into the wall, but then realizes that he can clearly see all the bruising and blood on her face. Then he notices that he can even see the tire marks from her parents car from where they spun the tires as they drove away. He tries to speak “I didn’t say anything. I haven’t even had the chance. I’m worried about you. I don’t understand why in the hell you keep running into that wall, and what just happened with your parents? Are they crazy? Why would they ask you to do that to yourself?”

She strikes back with much more mental clarity that he would expect after slamming her head into a wall two times in a row. “I said no more questions! And stop slandering my parents. They love me! They love me! It’s none of your business. Do you have to poke your head into everything? I mean really? I ran into the wall because I wanted to. Don’t tell me what I can or cannot do! You don’t have that right. Who do you think you are? Judging me and my family like this? You need to stop.”

Still perplexed, he tries to shut down his mouth and his mind, because he can’t help her in any way if he doesn’t. His foremost desire is to help her…he is greatly and sincerely worried about her. And even if she somehow believes this is all his fault and that he is currently making things worse for her, he still needs to get her to someone that can help her…..maybe a friend, before he leaves her alone. It seems the best he might do in the situation.

To be continued…

Cribb          2015

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