Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 66

The only real political parties/mentalities/ideologies are Centralist and Decentralist. Capitalist, Communists, Muslims, Christians, War Mongers, Fascist, Corporate Ruled Oligarchies, and Dictatorships, are all the same: Centralists. Take your power and control everyone one way…your way, because your way is the best way for everyone.

The true Libertarians, true Liberals, and true Conservatives ARE NOT Centralists. They are Decentralists and they understand the imperative of remaining minimally collectivized and perpetually decentralized in economic, governmental, religious, and philosophical force. They believe in “free” freedom of choice and that the existence of balancing ideologies and forces strengthens all. They don’t want to rule or invade or indoctrinate others. They simply want to live how they choose to live and allow others to do exactly the same.

The unavoidable problem with even the most otherwise well intentioned Centralist, is that their ideology or religion or philosophy WILL BE stolen, hijacked, bastardized, and re-written. There are simply too many apaths and sociopaths lurking in the shadows of any truly devout rational empath who is actually acting in and for the greater good. The apaths are essentially too naive to not be the prototypical hypocrite, supporting and even jeering the replacement of one evil or injustice with their own improved version of their evil and their injustice. The sociopath who secretly and deceptively charms and nurtures the apaths so well in their hypocritical behavior and madness, also has the relentless goal of displacing whatever pure empath may have once lead, eventually enacting their own bastardized and “rewritten” version of the original proclaimed ideology. The label, the religion, the cause is always stolen in the Centralist approach. The current version of Christianity which has not a damn thing to do with the doctrine of Christ is an excellent example. The Communism that resulted in Russia after the Russian Revolution….yes it started much differently and with a much different dream by at least some. The current Neo-Con version of what was once Conservatism. The hijacking of Ayn Rand’s writing which only illustrated the penultimate importance of individual freedom, reasonable and appropriate reward for self merit, and the ideal behavior of women and men. The currently celebrated Neo-capitalist of total subjugation of all, indoctrination of perpetual sales pitches, and forced indentured slavery on as much of humanity as is possible versus the absence of worthless blood sucking middlemen, all money remaining in the hands of the actual tradesmen and producers, and simply making a fair living instead of some gluttonous unbalanced excessive profit.

Decentralization cannot be claimed towards the government while not in regards to corporations and other economic powers. It cannot be claimed domestically and forgotten internationally. It cannot be implemented against only one religion. It cannot be enacted in any realm whatsoever without being enacted in all. It is universal and keeping it universal is the only way to avoid a society transforming into only an organism of implemented and progressive social control and oppression.

Cribb          2015

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