Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 63

“We adopt a mental position,” he told me, then we identify with that mental position and it becomes invested with self. The self is a construction—some memories, some feelings, some opinions, a name, a bunch of photographs, real and imaginary. This conglomerate that we hold in our consciousness is temporary; it is an illusion.

The boundless energy, the hidden energy that invisibly performs its geometric dance, is real. The unified energy that is behind all diversity is real. The moment of conception, individual or universal, is real. Behind all phenomena, thoughts, things, animals, life itself, is an awareness. “Move into this awareness,” said Eckhart.

When you are in conflict or doubt, or are afraid, when you lose hope or lose people that you depend upon, move beyond the pain and fear; there is an awareness there. An awareness that has always been there. In your loneliness and suffering and darkness and fear, silently, behind it, the awareness is waiting for us to return. This awareness is the field of consciousness from which all life came, the absolute energy that precedes all and is beyond all and is within all. It is within you.

We all have this in common, but we have been convinced that we are alone. This energy, though, that compels one cell to become two, that heals wounds, that spins quarks and planets, is within all. And all language can do is rest on top of it, or point to it, never really describing it. This force, this undeniable compulsion to come together—we all know that it’s there and we all know when it’s absent and we all know that we must be open to it now. And it spite of its ethereal and indefinable nature, we all know that it’s love.


Russell Brand          20142

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