Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 2


Empaths account for approximately 33-36% of humanity. These entities are typically highly aware. They sense and/or feel and/or perceive the real emotions, the true energy, and the actually visceral perceptions of others as they pertain to introspective feelings and to their relativity with the rest of existence. Empaths are especially sensitive to disharmony, suffering, pain, emotional distress, hypocrisy, and the complexity of connectedness. They sense when “something is just not right” and they find it very hard to “turn a blind eye” to any “injustice” as the Apath typically prefers and does.

The potential for madness and confusion, coupled with an enormous draining burden of responsibility, parallels the degree of awareness present in any given person. This is because awareness is not easy to absorb, process, or often tolerate. The Apath is “numb” and “naive” from limited awareness and thus content, unburdened, and essentially (consciously or unconsciously) apathetic about existence and others. The Empath is “raw, tender, hypersensitive” and “informed and enlightened” from high awareness and thus perpetually burdened, troubled, and concerned about the pain, suffering, and disharmony within themselves and others.

The Apath looks at the Empath and often thinks “Wow, you are cray-cray, insane, unstable, over-emotional, over-thinking, obsessive, bi-polar, depressed, moody, and unpredictably temperamental”. The Empath being surrounded at least 2 to 1 and sometimes by much greater numbers, tends to feel isolated, weird, and outcast; alien and unbelonging, with all kinds of strange thoughts and observations that they can not share with anyone else, because no one else “gets it”…..no one else “gets them”. The Empath frequently thinks the Apath is “mundane, boring, basic, dull, superficial, undependable, unable to carry on a deeper meaningful conversation, and emotionally lacking or completely devoid”, but nonetheless, the Empath still retains compassion, connection, empathy, and love for the Apath. The Empath also often feels fulfilment or a sense of purpose when they are able to help or lift up another person of any category.

Because of the isolation they feel, their inability to share their thoughts openly with the majority of those around them, the non-stop thoughts or “voices” or sensations their minds are “eyes wide open to”, and the typical lack of spiritual guidance and training to help them handle their awareness, many Empaths turn to addiction or obsessive-compulsive behavior as a means to dull or distract their senses. Sometimes, I think they try to “cut” their awareness out of them (not a reference to cutting) or suppress its impact upon their thoughts and behavior just so they may “fit it and be normal like everyone else”. I theorize that many Empaths eventually turn to the act of suicide as a means to escape these forces.

It is also my belief that Empaths are frequently drawn into what I call the healing professions with the specific intent of making a difference in the world. Examples might be teachers, nurses, coaches, doctors, veterinarians, social workers, massage therapists, the psycho-analytic and therapeutic fields, and law. Note however that I am not suggesting that even a majority of people in any of those fields are Empaths.

The Apath will sometimes comply with an authority figure in the form of an Empath, but for whatever reason, they seem much more prone to discard the leadership and direction offered by an Empath in lieu of the charming and manipulative tricks of a Sociopath. It seems an Empath’s leadership and direction might require too much sacrifice and integrity from an Apath especially when compared to the option of easier compliance with the scheming downward transcendence of a Sociopathic leader.

The Empath also has a fairly specific relationship with the Sociopath. Most often, the Sociopath directly targets the Empath. I will describe this targeting in detail in a later section, but for now, I will simply mention that when the Sociopath does target the Empath, they also typically employ Apaths, individually or in massive numbers, as their pawns, puppets, or armies, to orchestrate their targeting and intended downfall of the Empath. Thus, the Empath may be forced in many instances to become a lone fighter against a group.

To be continued…

Cribb          2015


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