Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 62

Profit is extra revenue above and beyond all operating expenses necessary for an entity to function/produce and sustain itself without undue economic stress. For there to be a Profit somewhere…anywhere, there must be a coexisting Deficit. This creates a pendulum of oppositional forces and a disparity of harmonizing and unifying energy. For there to be excessive, almost unimaginable Profits somewhere, there must be excessive, almost unimaginable Deficits elsewhere. This creates an excessively harsh pendulum of volatile oppositional forces and makes harmonizing and unifying almost impossible. By definition, it is transcendence in a downward fashion….one entity uniting with all of existence by sucking energy parasitically from another. War and Rape also belong in this category. The entity making the profit, waging the war, and performing the rape, will get a “buzz” from their energy sucking as they drain the life out of others, like vampires or lice or leaches might do.

There are those that believe in upward transcendence…a harmonizing and unifying experience where balance and respect amongst entities create a fissional synergistic energy that elevates us to the highest level of spiritual awareness possible while uniting this awareness with all of existence.

Cribb          2015

Note: Acknowledgement to Russell Brand is given for the statement in his book Revolution “For a profit to exist, a deficit must always exist.” He can bear no blame for the further pontificating in this post.

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