Empaths, Apaths, and Sociopaths; The Warriors of Transcendence – 1

I am not sure how long this titled work might run, but I will label the parts sequentially until I reach the end. In my crazy Cribb world, I believe this subject matter to be the key to most of the unnecessary confusion and madness is this world. These defined psychological roles or personalities exist. They are not of a far reaching abstract concept of some metaphysical or surreal universe created out of paranoia or egocentric rationale. Three psychological books, referenced at the end of this work, have provided me with invaluable information understanding the relationships and dynamics that exist as a result of these three defined “tribes.”

Transcendence (downward, horizontal, and upward) is also arguably a universally accepted theory by almost anyone and any institution that delves into the realm of spirituality, awareness, and universal continuity. My theories of transcendence are primarily derived from Aldous Huxley’s illustrations and discussions on the subject matter. The principles of transcendence and the orientation of each type seems to share a direct corollary with the orientations of each tribe.

Tribe/Path Definitions


Approximately 60% of humanity is composed of Apaths. Apaths tend to have very basic to moderate awareness. This has nothing to do with their level of intelligence, so don’t mix up the two qualities. They tend to be poor in emotionally availability and true intimacy. Sometimes, they might also be called more innocent, or lacking in self-direction or definitive application of purpose and intent. They will tend to agree with the ideas of others as opposed to presenting an opposing and independent view that they have formed themselves. It seems to me that they also crave to be perpetually charmed. Dare I say, most Apaths seem to prefer laughter (at anything, even something evil or nasty or detrimental to another) and superficial empty charm over sincere heartfelt discussions of identity, vulnerable, introspection, reality, meaning, and awareness. They don’t want to really think about these things or analyze them in depth. They much, much prefer to repeat the mantra (though often highly hypocritical) of a group or institution that provides them with “charming”, energetically charged propaganda. They like the embrace and comfort of their groups numbers and will make exceptions and allowances of logic and observation towards other group members just so they may retain their “membership of kumbaya” with the group.

Apaths, blindly or almost blindly, enact any behavior decreed, suggested, supported, or planted within their mind by an authority figure. That behavior is often highly amoral, parasitic, manipulative, cruel, or even criminal, though they may also comply with positive instruction and direction from authority as well. Scientific research has definitively concluded this behavior over and over.

Sociopaths (aka psychopaths) easily and often manipulate the Apathic herd. This relates to the wants and needs of Apaths that I have described above and the motivations and objectives of the Sociopath. Oddly enough, even when the Sociopath harms or drains or subjugates their Apathic herd, the herd will most often refuse to acknowledge such behavior or intention. Apaths tend to seek the Sociopath almost in a dependent direct parallel to “the flock” congregation seeking the thrilling leadership and guidance of the Preacher. All in all, the relationship does appear to become a religion of sorts.

On a more personal level, the Sociopath will almost always enact manipulation of an Apath or Apaths in their targeting of an Empath. More about this dynamic will follow.

To be Continued…

Cribb          2015

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