Love vs Sex 132 (#12 on Tantric Sex)

Touching the Heart through the Breasts

Remembering our back ground Love Key, Polarity, it is really important that the breasts of a woman be touched before and during lovemaking. Her positive pole needs to be awakened before the negative pole, the vagina, responds with sexual interest. When the female focus is on the clitoris or vagina and the breasts are ignored, the sexual experience is more likely limited to a more linear genital one. When the positive pole, the breasts and heart of a woman, is actively engaged, the sexual act takes on a different characteristic. It becomes circular and spontaneous as a deep movement of sexual energy becomes possible.

My (initial) relationship with my own breasts had always been from the outside, and how they looked as objects, rather than from any inner sense or consciousness of them as breasts. This made them insensitive and unable to absorb the warmth of loving touch. I found that if the breasts and especially the nipples were touched too vigorously or aggressively, it would have the effect of turning me off and causing my body to withdraw, making me less willing to make love. On the other hand, when they were touched in a deliberate or more conscious way without the intention to stimulate, the touch would send sparkles to my vagina. I opened up then! Later, when everything was rolling, there would often come a moment when my breasts would be asking for a stronger squeeze or touch and that would continue to open my sexual energy.

I have talked to many women who previously enjoyed having their breasts stimulated when young, then reached a point where they no longer liked to have them touched. They were swollen, congested or over-sensitive, and the nipples very reactive. What can happen is that the breasts, and so the woman as well, can become repelled by insensitive touch done without empathy. Frequently, when a man touches a woman’s breasts, he is operating from his own desire and enthusiasm and not relating to the breasts themselves. He is touching them in a way that is good for him, but not for sexual response. A vigorous touch might be more appropriate at some time later during lovemaking, but in the beginning, be deliberate and sensitive. Intend to touch your partner, and then touch with intention. It makes all the difference.

The Heart of Tantric Sex

Diana Richardson          2003

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