Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 60

The First Impression of a Reading

The first impression of a reading should be to question your own interpretation of the writer’s message in intent and emotion, for most often your initial perception will relate almost exclusively to your own awareness, empathy, and psyche, and how you, not the writer, have chosen to view and to relate to existence. Readling is an isolated endeavor. It is personal and intimate without the distractions inherently present in most other forms of social communiqué. Thus, the mind of the reader is not numbed or intoxicated by the typical peripheral distractions and excuses of ancillary focus everpresent in mass or group exposure and reflection. The reader is exposed to the vulnerable state of isolated reflection and such unavoidable reflection often shatters any convenient mirage of self-delusion present within one’s own mind.

Cribb          2015

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