Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 59 – Wait for it…

The doorbell chimes rang. Billy got off the bed and looked down through a window at the front doorstep, to see if somebody important had come to call. There was a cripple man down there, as spastic in space as Billy was in time. Convulsions made the man dance flappingly all the time, made him change his expressions, too, as though he were trying to imitate various famous movie stars.

Another cripple was ringing the doorbell across the street. He was on crutches. He had only one leg. He was so jammed between his crutches that his shoulders hid his ears.

Billy knew what the cripples were up to; They were selling subscriptions to magazines that would never come. People subscribed to them because the salesmen were so pitiful. Billy had heard about this racket from a speaker at the Lions Club two weeks before—a man from the Better Business Bureau. The man said that anybody who saw cripples working a neighborhood for magazine subscriptions should call the police.

Billy looked down the street, saw a new Buick Riviera parked about half a block away. There was a man in it, and Billy assumed correctly that he was the man who had hired the cripples to do this thing.


Kurt Vonnegut          1969

Cribb Comment: First, my definition of the ideal of Capitalism – The fair and honest appropriate financial reward for an individual related directly to his/her actual effort and application of tangible skill, which is by default also associated with respect, balance, and the appropriate reward of others who work with and/or for them without any intent to deceive, mislead, or coerce any factual information within the system, including the intake of revenue and the disbursement/advertisement of service/product information in any manner and under any circumstance whatsoever. 

The Vonnegut above quote is another excellent and applicable example of what the ideal of capitalism has been rewritten into by the sociopathic manipulators who reside in the midst of humanity. This corruptible force has always been present within our numbers, however, with the exponential increase in over-organized overpopulation and technological manipulation coupled with the centralized hoarding of financial resources, these “rewriters” have reached an unprecedented level of successful hypnotic deception indoctrinating their dribble into a large portion of the masses as the accepted and unchallenged “norm.” In reality, they distort everything with deception and almost always orchestrate their devious parasitism of all others through the mask of some convenient scapegoat, excuse, or subjugated indentured slave. They are the puppeteers hiding behind the workers they control through direct or covert fear and threats. They are the benefactors of deceit and the labor of others. Their schemes focus on manipulating their workers and their customers as much as is possible, and better yet, when their game is finally up for whatever reason that rises to display their despotism, they predictably bow out by creating distraction through fostering the truly artificial conflict and strife between worker and customer. This fulminates as the golden parachute carries them out of the limelight and into the shadows of safety with their pilfered wealth.


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